I think everybody knows about Galaxy S4 and it's high end specs with over all its latest S-features, Samsung's stock rom consists of different things with over lot many customizations in graphics and performance too. As Galaxy S4 is running Android v4.2.2 out-of the box, it have lot of changes from previous 4.1.2 version of android like different types of settings arranged in tabs, New additions of apps and etc.


Here, we already introduced you about different types of lockscreens available for android operating system here, but these are somewhat gone to be old and many of us are searching which can be much with productivity and much similar to other comapany's stock roms. The developer from XDA made possible to imitate Galaxy S4 lockscreen on any android device which is much similar to it having nearest all feature set from it. Originally this app is made by: [email protected] where themed by “Christian Nothing”

s4 lockscreen


  • Custom lockscreen message
  • Custom fonts and smooth effect
  • Compatible on Tablets with landscape support and mobiles too
  • Compatible with Android v4.0 and above
  • Different theme effects for e.g, Light effect
  • Showing shortcuts on it
  • Hiding or showing status bar
  • Preventing home unlock
  • Making status bar transparent
  • Random ink colors
  • and many more.

Play Store Rating: 4.6

You just need to get in playstore here, and then after downloading it you may start exploring its features as well as ui and get here if you want to know more about the app and developers.


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