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Freemake comes for free for your PC or laptop (Windows) download and being a free converting, you must have this for your video format personalization. Give it a try 😀

For video customization, we know how expensive is video converter software. And when we get the free version of video converter for our PC or laptop. It's not even worth with limited features, tweaks, and annoying trouble of ads on online video converter site. Here is one great pick as an online video converter, which is one of the best online video converters right now. And if you have been with this name and want a full review of this online free video converters than let me help you in this part. Well, I am talking about Freemake online video converter. Hold on, if you are looking for some worthy free video converter, which doesn't need any installation than its time to check out Freemake.

Freemake or could be a perfect destination for easy video file generation. Being here, you might have seen many free online video converters out available. Some of them may not work properly that gets stuck in the middle of progress, fewer file formats to choose your desired output option, video duration limit and video file size limit also a common problem on most free video converter sites. Seeing all the issues with free online video converter site, this time Freemake may be a better choice for you. To know it in a better way we will provide a complete detail of Freemake. So, let's check out more about this free online video converter site in below;

All Freemake Video Converter: All About this free online converter!!

Unlike its name, Freemake is a free video converting tool, which doesn't ask for any cost to create a new video converting a video file. But as there is a lot of free videos converters, let it be online or offline. As Freemake is an online video converter for your Windows PC or laptop. Or there is not OS related issue being an online operating site. But this could be an internet data consuming, as you need to upload the original video file and after creating a new video file, download also would be required for use.

Now, this online video converter comes with many video codec support and by the official statement, it can convert videos between 500+ formats. Isn't it something to hear? More interestingly this comes for iPhone, Android supportable video support. Yes, despite all the major codecs support this comes with many gadget options as well, which converts your videos for the exact gadget. More precisely, this can also convert the YouTube link to all available video codec options and allows you downloading the YouTube videos with your desired format. Freemake also features to choose an MP3 format, to convert music video into an MP3 file. And we know this another most needed feature, which most of the people need.

As you know this a free video converter portal, they have the over 93 million users till date. And this figures out the ability of Freemake video converter. For 7 years Freemake video converter recognizes as one of the best online video converters right out there.

Features of Freemake Video Converter Online:

Well, these were the intro of this online video converter, but there are many things to know about its features. Yes, this no.1 free online video converter has many important features that you might love to know. Hence, check out the feature review of Freemake video converter.

Free but Pro: Unlike most other online video converters, Freemake is free to use and there is no hidden cost to use it. Besides free, it comes with many features, no video duration limit, no trial, no limit for converting videos and much more, which you going to know below feature review.

Edit Videos: Well, did you know you can even edit your videos. Well, you may be not, as most of the free online video converter doesn't come with this feature at least. With Freemake video converter, you can rotate video clips, cut, join and make a perfect new video file for you.

High-Quality Video: Create high-quality videos with Freemake video convert, as this support regenerating 4K, Full HD, HD videos and also lesser size videos.

Select Tons of Formats: This is an important feature offered by Freemake. You can choose over 500 video codes and gadget formats to make a precise video for your device. Also, this allows creating a new video file directly pasting the YouTube video link. Freemake, lets you creating music format file as well. Thus, you can make Mp3 file from a music video or any video, which is a pretty awesome feature to have.

Rip & Burn DVD/Blue-Ray: Rip and Burn your all videos to a DVD or Blue-Ray disc with Freemake video converter. With this portal, you can burn up to 40 hours videos in a single video disc. And also, Blue-ray disc can be transformed to an M2TS file; save a DVD folder or ISO file.

YouTube Uploader: Well, if you run a YouTube Channel and upload videos for regular purpose then Freemake could help you even more. It can save you YouTube account and your newly generated videos can be uploaded to your account directly.

Embed Video to Website: With the help of Freemake video converter, you can even embed your video on a Website. With this, you can create HTML5 or SWF and FLV file formats to add a video on a Website.

So, these were the features of Freemake online video converter and hope you have liked it. The ability of this free converter is on par as other paid converters, which makes it best online Video converting tool out there.

Converting a video file with Freemake is easy:

We believe in simplicity and that is why we love Freemake as well. Converting a video file with Freemake is way easier than others. This converter needs only three simple steps to create your desired videos. Well, check out how to convert videos with Freemake with these three simple steps.

Step1: Add Your Files:-

Add files or import videos to the site, which can be easily added with drag and drop feature or add button. You can add YouTube link, photos, drive videos in the import option.

Step2: Choose a format:-

Later on, you can edit the video as said before, rotate, cut and copy can be done and choose your desired format including MP4, WMV, MP3, AVI, Android, Apple, PSP or gadget option. Hence, you are ready for the step3.

Step3: Select Convert and Create a new file:-

Now, you can choose the default conversion preset, which is recommended or it can be changed if you want more option.  Now click on the Convert option and your video will be done within few moments.

Our Words on Freemake Video Converter Tool:

So, you have seen all about Freemake video converter, which is one of the best online free video converters as of now. And now, you know why it is so popular among its 93 million users from 7 years, after seeing feature review of Freemake. This comes for free for your PC or laptop (Windows) download and being a free converting, you must have this for you video format personalization. And start converting unlimited videos without any bulk investment.

Freemake comes for free for your PC or laptop (Windows) download and being a free converting, you must have this for your video format personalization. Give it a try 😀

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