We already got familiar with Google glass and other augmented reality devices which are changing our lives in revolutionary way, where technology bringing new devices day-by-day.

So, have you ever wondered if your home controlled digitally with your own voice and hand gestures like you have saw Iron man and his digital home, in earlier days this was not possible because of some things but now it is possible with Flowton developed by Flowton Technologies, which is First true Natual Interface Controller made for your home with which you can control any TV,lights,thermostat,etc. with your own body gestures and voice too smartly.


What exactly it is?

Flowton unit is a device built for advanced Human Computer Interaction(HCI)

The Flowton Controller allows you to use your body as a universal controller for all your electronics appliances with Smart plug and other hardware. The software works by capturing image and sound from it's environment, and converts this raw data into commands that you may use to control anything from your TV, DVD, to thermostat, lights and more.


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What are the specifications?

flowton hardware consistsFlowton Controller:

1.7 GHz processor
A9 Quad Core
Mali-400 GPU
2GB of RAM 
640×480 VGA RGB camera @ 60 fps
2 microphones
8GB of flash storage 
WiFi 802.11+Bluetooth
Ubuntu OS

How it works?

Flowton works with his voice and gesture recognition technology which can execute different types of works at that instant.

Flowton is Natural Interface controller(NIC) where You simply push a “virtual button” in empty space in front of you, and the 9-point controller springs up around your hand. Then, you may do different works from it like Switching lights ON/OFF.

flowton push initiator

As like body gestures, it may execute commands with your own speech where “Initiator Command” needed again. After then you may say commands like “TV On” or “Kitchen Lights off” and it will work like a charm!

You are free to program Flowton to work with all your home gadgets and appliances with simple tutorials provided by them and configuring them on PC.

With these features, in the future you may give name to your digital butler too.

What type of hardware and software it consists of and how it works with it?

flowton hardware

Flowton consists of different hardware modules combined in together with Ubuntu Linux Distribution too.

Flowton controller receives commands through a built-in color RGB camera and 2 microphones, which need push initiator with your hand gestures to work.

Flowton controller also able to work with existing depth sensor like Microsoft® Kinect™, and others (listed below).

Some of the current choices available for purchase suggested by Flowton Technologies:

Microsoft Kinect – 109$
ASUS Xtion – 119$
Primesense Carmine – 199$
SoftKinetic DepthSense311 – 299$

flowton smart plugs

After initiating commands we will have to execute them as per different hardware capability like Controller needs to interact with your electronics and appliances.

These includes following:

  • Infrared(IR) to control TV, DVD, Stereo systems
  • Bluetooth can be used to link your Thermostat, cell phones, game consoles, kitchen appliances and many more
  • With Bluetooth, Wifi also comes to issue commands remotely to your PC,tablet and other devices.
  • With normal appliances, you may control your home security systems,alarms, with ZigBee though.
  • And Finally controlling lamp, fan, iron ,coffe machine , alarm clock and even radio too with Flowton Smart Plugs.

Flowton controller works on Ubuntu Linux hence it is fast and robust.

Flowton GUI Concept:

Flowton is developed by Flowton Technologies, Toronto, Canada. If possible donate few amount of money if you want to see this project live soon and also you may get chance to try this first by opting for different packages/bundles suggested by Flowton. You may help Flowton here also you may visit them here.

Overall, we will say that you may control your home smartly and you will likely not to use your ordinary remote controller as you may do all the things with your body gestures and your own voice.

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