Find the Best Anagram & Word Scramble Games with These 3 Tips

During my process of finding the best Scrabble and Boggle apps I found this great site that listed some of the top apps for me. I found it very beneficial to my quest of finding the app that I liked the most. Check out the link but read further to get my 3 tips on how to find the best game app for you.


Top Apps for the Best Scrabble and Boggle Games

Download to pay anywhere

Traditional Scrabble isn’t exactly the easiest game to play on the go or bring with you for a quick game before an appointment. If you love to play Scrabble, you can download a single player app that you can play on your phone instead of on your computer.

When it comes to playing Scrabble on your phone, there are a variety of apps to choose from. If want to be able to play when you don’t have any WIFI connection, best to find an app that allows you to play offline asa feature, which means you play the computer. If you are normally always with connection that you want to play an app that allows you to interact and play with others online that either lets you play live together or alerts you when the other person has played and now it is your turn. These apps would be a great way to meet other gamers that like to play word games or logic puzzles so you can invite them to play other games you enjoy like Boggle.

Improve your skills with a Scrabble word finder

 You can’t be blamed for cheating if you use a Scrabble word finder to practise finding words. Improving your skills before you challenge your friend to a match is not cheating, its finding good practise to get your skills up to another level. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with point tallying words when you have to look at a bunch of letters, that to you, don’t look like much. Get a word generating app that helps you be able to see words out of scrambled letters, once you practise a bit, you’ll be able to pull words out of lots of combinations of letters easier. Practising will also allow you to see a couple of options of words you can play and decide which one will gain you the most points. For example, you can always add point by making it a noun plural by adding an “S” to it. Or save the “S” for a more useful point gaining word. You will see easy combinations of letters that can help you form a range of words, like words ending in “I-N-G”.

Make The Most Of Your iPhone With These Tricks

Let’s take it back to the old school

If playing online doesn't give you the same satisfaction as an actual classic game board with wooden tiles, then you can use apps to help you find the classic game. Apps can find you cheaper or more interesting game boards, and get it to you quickly for your game night coming up. Popular stores online are an easy and great place to find your game board. That way you can have a vareity of boards to choose from and see reviews from previous purchasers to make sure you have the best Scrabble game board out there to enjoy anytime you have friends over.


Now that you have those three tips and the link to some of the best Scrabble and Boggle games out there, you should be able to enjoy anytime, anywhere the fun word puzzles you played as a kid.

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