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How Are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings Saving Lives?

Anyone who has concerns about a friend or family member should click here for more information, and they can learn how AA meetings are saving lives. There are many things that people can do to improve their struggle with addiction, and families will feel better because they have a place for addicts to go to learn about managing addiction. Look at all the things that AA does for people when you need treatment for yourself or someone else.

1. The Meetings Are Consistent

The meetings that people go to are very consistent, and you can count on your AA group to have a meeting every week. The same people tend to show up to these meetings, and they will be there to support people like you. You will meet people who have been sober for a long time, and you will meet some people who need your help because they are just starting their journey.

2. The Meetings Have Structure

The meetings have a lot of structure. Everyone in the group is allowed to speak their peace, and people in the group are there to give their perspective on the situation. There are many meetings where the group sits in a circle to talk about the specific problems that they have, and these people learn a lot about similar experiences that their friends have. You get perspective you might not get from a therapist who is not an addict.

3. They Are Free

AA is free. You might not have the money to pay a therapist every week, but you can afford to go to alcoholics anonymous meeting every week to meet with the people that they have gotten to know. These people could become your friends, and they will offer consistent support. You will get a sponsor out of your AA group, and that sponsor will change how you approach your sobriety. This is the person who will be your partner in living well after addiction.

4. The Sponsor

The sponsor that you have met through AA is someone who will let you know how to live well. They will give you the best possible chance of having a better recovery, and they will support you when you are struggling. You could become a sponsor yourself, and you get a purpose out of being a sponsor that you would not get in any other way. The addiction always goes full circle, and it is hard to beat alone, that is why becoming a sponsor or even reaching out to get one is key because it can change your life and someone’s else. This journey is not one that people should take alone, the more people there to support the person suffering even if that person is you are truly recommended for true success.

5. AA Supports People Out Of Rehab

If you just got out of rehab, you need help from people who are in the same situation as you. You cannot go back to your normal life just because you were in rehab for 30 days, and you need to be around people who know how hard it is to get your life back on track. That is why AA is such a key tool before and after you kick your addiction. The ability to be around people who are dealing with same things you are, will give you the strength to fight what is ahead of you. Even greater than that you will also come across people who are dealing with what you have just overcome. This is the time in which you can take it among yourself to be the shining light in another person's life. Alcoholics Anonymous meeting really does more for you than just give you a place to express your feelings it really gives you a place to connect and build new friendships.

AA meetings are changing lives because they provide people with the support that they need as they learn to live sober. AA meetings are free, and they are a safe place where you can share your fears, talk to new friends, and gain perspective that you cannot find anywhere else. Ensure that you have found an AA meeting in your area as soon as possible because that meeting could be the only place that you can go to get better. You might find a sponsor, or you could become a sponsor so you can look after your friends.


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