As We Know Google Nexus 7 Hitting The Market as per Users Demands and Also Google Updating their All Services plus adding many of features in Adsense and Adwords like New Responsive Google Adsense AdUnits By Default with CSS integration for Responsive Blog Themes.

We have lots of Apps avaiable in PlayStore related to Various Niche while There are few apps related to SEO and Blogger Tools but there was not any adsense app for publishers, so This is Good News to All Adsense Publishers that Google Finally Released Official Version of Google Adsense Yesterday i.e, 31-July-2013, giving Info about your Earnings Overview and Different Customised Viewing of Ads.

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This New Version gives you access to: the key earnings information, top custom and URL channels, ad units and sites reports, payment alerts.
As this is First Version of app,it is of v1.0 with Size of 2.3MB Approxiamately. If we talk about Compatibility of app then you must be having Android Version 4.0 and Up. If you find any bug or want to give suggestions then you may use feedback option too.

adsense new

In The Previous Days, Google Adsense Publishers was using Mobile Site opened in Browser to view The Performance of adsense ads but now As You can see we have installed the app and shown some of the screenies of the App showing Overview tab and Custom URL Tab too. Adsense App Contains Google Adsense Alerts related to account Displaying Alerts in ease manner.

The App gives Choice to View Ads Performance as per you created and With options of viewing like : Last 7 days | This Month, etc,.

Overall PlayStore Rating: 4.5 with 40 Downloads in Single Day.

You may download Google Adsense App