Since 2 weeks Facebook celebrated it’s 10th birthday and they were saying that the social site has not anything in its store as far as innovation is concerned. This Thursday, Facebook has taken one more step forward in order to make the site more user friendly. It has introduced new gender options for those who can’t be identified as male or female as such. The change is there but, moreover people are confused about it. They don’t know what those options really mean and why Facebook has introduced them. Let’s have a overview on Facebook’s New Gender Options on our facebook accounts.

What it was and what it is now :

When signing up for an account, facebook users had to identify as “male” or “female” but from now on people will able to select out of new 50 gender options introduced to them. It seems that facebook is not going to allow their users to remain the gender field blank. You can see the change on your profile also. Just follow the path : Profile-> About-> Gender-> edit -> custom -> you will see the window like this :


After that it will ask you about the pronoun that you want to prefer for your personality. The options are as follows : Male : “wish him a happy birthday !” , female: “wish her a happy birthday !” and Neutral : “wish them a happy birthday!”.



The facebook has shown the misconception in people’s mind about two terms,viz, gender and sex. Sex is a Biological term concerning medicalities about our hormones , genes, etc. While the gender is far more complicated. It is something related to roles that we are playing in our community or our behaviour in our day to day life. Now, you can show some variance between your gender assigned at birth and identified gender.

 Let’s have a look on new introduced gender options and their meaning :

Agender: describes people who lack a gender.

Androgyne: posses traits that are simultaneously feminine,masculine or’s a non-binarry gender identity.

Bigender: a person who feels that their gender is fully male & fully female , or any pairs of gender ,switching between the two

Cisgender & Cissexual: where a gender’s identity matches with role assigned to it’s sex.

Intersex: refers to person who is with such sexual organisms that does not fit to any of the major class i.e. male or female

Transgender: people are showing some different than the sex assigned to them.

Non-binary : people can feel they are both, neither or some mixture instead of.

List :

  • Agender                                              Androgyne                                         Androgynous
    Bigender                                             Cis                                                       Cisgender
    Cis Female                                         Cis Male                                              Cis Man
    Cis Woman                                        Cisgender Female                             Cisgender Male
    Cisgender Man                                 Cisgender Woman                             Female to Male
    FTM                                                    Gender Fluid                                      Gender Nonconforming
    Gender Questioning                        Gender Variant                                  Genderqueer
    Intersex                                              Male to Female                                   MTF
    Neither                                               Neutrois                                               Non-binary
    Other                                                  Pangender                                           Trans
    Trans*                                                Trans Female                                      Trans* Female
    Trans Male                                        Trans* Male                                        Trans Man
    Trans* Man                                       Trans Person                                      Trans* Person
    Trans Woman                                   Trans* Woman                                  Transfeminine
    Transgender                                      Transgender Female                        Transgender Male
    Transgender Man                             Transgender Person                        Transgender Woman
    Transmasculine                                Transsexual                                       Transsexual Female
    Transsexual Male                             Transsexual Man                              Transsexual Person
    Transsexual Woman                        Two-Spirit

sys_gender 3

Its not that the change has been made in a day or so. There was a group of people who were working on signing a petition by the people about such change in Facebook’s user profile about gender. We know that the is no.1 site in world and it’s social networking product .i.e. Google+ is providing the option of “other” along with male and female with no surprise, 1% of its user identify as “other”. So, you can think how this change will work in future. Facebook was working on this idea since a year and now,it has been introduced. With the change, it comes criticism where Facebook has came up with its terms after conversing with various gay and transgender activists but, some kind of cold battle is still going there!

Final Verdict :

Facebook official, Alex Schultz has said that it’s cool when you allow people to express something and so they have taken the step. He hope that a more open and connected world will make this more understanding and life-friendly. So, I ask you, are you ready to express yourself as per your “social” behaviour by simultaneous understanding  of the sex that has assigned to us at the time of birth ? Let’s see how it goes.