Facebook Messenger for iPhone has been  updated today with one of our favorite features – Stickers – along with a bunch of other improvements. We’ve got the details on the update along with the download link right after the break.

Facebook Stickers were first introduced as part of Facebook Messenger for Android before Facebook Home APK was launched. Later, they made their way onto iOS as part of Facebook 6.0 update for iPhone and iPad. Keeping things as simple as possible; Stickers is a new take on the emoticon (or emoji as they’re better known as today), except they’re better, and of course, bigger, blessing us the advantage of expressing ourselves even more visually.

iPhone Screenshot 1

If you’ve used the official Facebook app, and are acquainted with Stickers already, then we’re certain you don’t need any sort of tutorial or crash course. In case you have this thought lingering in your mind; yes, Facebook Messenger allows you to download extra set of Stickers, if the stock ones aren’t cutting the mustard for you.

iPhone Screenshot 2

The second update to the app – which is my favorite – is the reintroduction of swipe gestures to delete entire conversation threads. This feature was pulled by Facebook for reasons which remains unknown to me, but it’s back, and you can rejoice.

iPhone Screenshot 3

Apart from the above mentioned updates, rest are all under-the-hood improvements, such as bug fixes and performance enhancements.

iPhone Screenshot 4

To wrap things up, it’s somewhat a mystery why Facebook is keeping Messenger a separate entity from its main offering. Considering the Facebook for iOS app offers everything which Messenger does; voice calls, Stickers, you name it! In fact, if you dig deeper, the Messenger app actually lacks in some areas, such as Chat Heads, a feature which should be a part of Messenger from the get-go.

iPhone Screenshot 5

We’re pretty certain that Chat Heads, too, will make an entry in the form of an update to the Facebook Messenger app. But, in all honesty, I think Facebook should pull the plug on Messenger altogether and should have just one app that rules them all.

Agree with me? You know where to drop your comments.

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