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Once again the internet have been lit-up with chatter about the release of Facebook Home. If you already found it in Play Store than itz no problem, but what about everyone else?

Unsurprisingly, the digital door staff (read, Facebook's hardware restrictions) have already been dispatched, meaning almost any Android device can download and install the social software.For this thing We should thank Paul O'Brien at MoDaCo for doing the honors, and for those interested, the process is very simple to do.( For Getting APK and Other Things,Google is your Friend)
If your issue is location (rather than device) you'll need the latest version of Facebook's regular and Messenger apps first. Once you do, just download the APK, activate it, and you're good. If hardware is the problem, then you'll need to get the patched versions of Facebook, Messenger and Home (via the source).
Early reports suggest that most features operate just fine, but that sending SMS from Messenger can sometimes stop working. If that's a problem, you will have to keep an eye out for updates. If it's not, then tap the source up for the full lowdown.  If you do clearly,than Simple Comment here Experience !


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