Ever Wondered To Find Your Rank in Richness ?

We know there are Something that, Top 100 Richest People in the world,Top 10 in Country,but Have you ever Compared yourself with rest of world?So,Here it is
GlobalRichlist is an Website by PokeLondon, Which let you compares your Wealth Status with Rest Of The World !


This Site lets check your wealth Status based on 2 Things:

  • Your current salary/Income
  • Your wealth possession

global rich 3

And Do Scroll Down For More Stats Like:

How much Bucks you may earn in an Hour,

How much time will it take to Earn A Cola,

and How many Doctors Will be paid!

Also,If you are earning more and Wish to do some donation,you may donate, and this money will go to

By the way do remember, site doesn’t consider many facts like amount of loan you have to pay, and various other factors, but if you are fascinated with lists like rich lists, you will be amused to know that you are not doing bad either.

So,Go ahead Give a Try and let us know How much your Rich Percentage and Do Share this in your Friends Circle If you like this 😀


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