Alexa is Ranking System which has been ranking blogs in some of the unfair ways possible, but you can still top it by using some tricks, which pros have been using since they created their site, all of the tips here are genuine and legit.

Here Are the Simple and Beneficial Ways to Boost your Alexa.

Claim Your Site in Alexa

Most of the bloggers do this, but there are some who don’t do it and it will harm their alexa rank. So be sure to claim your site in alexa, make an account in Alexa and Get Verified your ownership by adding the code to your site or Uploading the Files & claim it.This will enlist your site in alexa for your rank.

Review Alexa in Your Site

I had been researching about alexa and one of the unfair things I found was that all the blogs ranked higher contain a review about alexa or they have paid metrics of alexa which is expensive for beginners. So, be sure to write a review about alexa on your site. This is not A Perfect Solution but Still Do it.

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Generate or Get Traffic

alexa plans

Don’t spam but just publicize your posts where ever you can, ask all the users to visit it. Remember, More the traffic better the rank, this tip implies for every ranking site, even for the Google page rank. So be sure to take care of your traffic. With Good Traffic, Alexa rating will raise your Rank else Bad Traffic may down your Rank!

Display Your Alexa Status In Your Blog using Alexa Widgets

This is one of the best way to get ranked higher, Alexa starts tracking your blog statistics everyday through the widget you add and this makes it easier for alexa to track your statistics and will start ranking you faster.In this way you can get ranked higher easily.

Ask your Visitors to Write Review Your Site In Alexa

This will help in many ways, firstly it will boost your alexa rank if the reviews submitted are good and then you will come to know about your sites design when users provide their feedback and many other things will benefit you through these. I had experimented this with my own blog, my old blog used to be at 3l-4l and when I got reviews it came to 2l-1l So be sure to get some reviews.

 Use Alexa Toolbar Regularly

I really don’t know whether its true but I have been informed that alexa tracks the way you use it and it checks all of your blog(Blogs which you have claimed) and it will increase the ranks randomly, but even if its not true using alexa toolbar will give you a lot of information and you can even create your own toolbar for your site, this will surely boost your ranks and it will also help your visitors to get a better view of your site through their homepage without even looking into your site. So be sure to have an alexa toolbar and you can make one for your users easily without any coding or technical skills.

Final Conclusion

Currently, Alexa Offers 4 Plans as per Users Requirement and One Free Plan that only for Basic bloggers. Be sure to have all other necessary things like quality posts, Many backlinks of high Page Ranks Blogs, Do Good SEO , etc. And you will surely get ranked better as soon as possible. Be sure to visit My Site Le Geeks for more posts like these.