A New Home for Your Trusty Gadget: Don’t Buy a Smartphone Case without Reading These 5 Tips

When you use hundreds of dollars on a new phone, it makes so much sense to also spend some money on a smartphone case. Smartphones can be useful gadgets but when they are accidentally dropped, they can get broken or scratched. For that reason, smartphone cases can be quite instrumental when it comes to preventing such incidents from taking place. Here are a few pointers to have in mind which will answer your question “How to choose a phone case?”.


  1. Folio Cases

Wallet or flip-flop cases can be pocket-friendly and stylish. These cases are an excellent alternative to the traditional types if you plan to sling the phone in a bag because they provide all-around protection. Folio cases can vary when considering drop protection because some have shell-type protection in the inside while others do not offer protection on the corners or sides.

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  1. Battery Cases

When it comes to issues raised regarding mobile phone technology, poor battery performance top the charts. To avoid this problem, you can always consider getting a battery case. These kinds of cases usually come with a built-in battery which is capable of boosting your smartphone for additional hours.

  1. Tough Cases

If you are looking for a case that will most likely survive a drop, you can opt for a tough case for your smartphone. There are numerous tough cases in the market, so you’ll want to choose one that meets your needs in the best possible way. A standard combination which functions effectively involves layers of polycarbonate (toughened) along with an inner layer of another softer material such as silicone for absorbing shock. Additionally, watch out for a military drop-test certification.

Expect the tough cases to add some bulk and weight, but they are found in a variety of styles. Additionally, these cases cannot stop you from accessing what you need to access. You should expect an added grip to minimize the chances of slipping from your phone and falling down.

  1. Rugged Cases

These types of smartphone cases are another option you can look out for. Their reinforced cornets and their inclusion of air pocket minimize the damage risk, although they inevitable add bulk. Rugged cases are recommended because they are easy to grip. They are excellent because they absorb shock and help prevent breakages during falls.

  1. Basic/Slim Cases

In some instances, you could be ashamed of covering the gorgeous design of your smartphone, or maybe you do not need something that is too bulky in your pocket. If appearance and style matter more to you than protection, then basic or slim cases are best for you. This case will protect your gadget against scratches and boost its chances of surviving a fall.

Final Word

If you get the opportunity of looking at some of the cases available before going ahead to buy one, then it is important to have the pointers above in mind. Knowing what it is you are looking for will make your purchasing decision much easier and will ensure you get a case that best suits your gadget.

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