In just a matter of a couple of decades, the dating scenario has seen a massive shift in India. There was a time when the only ones who dared to find their own love were the rebel kinds. Post 2000s, the scene relaxed a bit in India, and people started dating and finding their own partners for relationships. But the choices were limited and you were restricted to the people you knew via your friends or cousins. But today, online dating apps like OkCupid are making it easy for people to find matches by using sophisticated algorithm that takes into account location, interests, hobbies, qualification and much more. A potential partner is really a click away now!


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Founded on Computational Principles

OkCupid is one of the smartest dating apps out there. After all, it was founded by a couple of Harvard majors back in 2004, andwas based on sophisticated algorithms. Its computational power is what started attracting daters to use it. Instead of using the usual filters of location, age, and genderfor match-making, it had a series of questions that were posed at random to everyone who registered. Questions like ‘What is the importance of God / religion in your life’, and ‘What do you look for in a movie’ were used for determining a member’s psychographic tendencies, and then based on the same, they were shown relevant profiles.

OkCupid’s Profile Setup Section


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Making it Personal

Since OkCupid’s profile setup process is extensive, people end up with profiles that are rather comprehensive. The OkCupid algorithm then displays profiles with a match percentage or an enemy percentage accompanying it. Are you wondering why would anyone want to know the enemy percentage? Well, it’s a common saying that opposites attract. That’s why certain people like to match with people that they have nothing in common with.Unlike other apps where the selfies and display pics are an indicator for choosing partners, on Okcupid you can go through prospective dates’ answers and see what are the things that matter to them in life. Based on the same, you can Like or Dislike their profile. It’s all about #substanceoverselfies

Inclusive and Open

OkCupid dating app India is pretty inclusive. At times, you might come across profiles that want rather explicit or kinky things, but that’s only because OkCupid is open to people of all mindsets. One thing it is NOT, is unsafe. Despite being open to different kinds of people, it ensures safety of its patrons in various forms. Don’t like someone’s profile? You can blockthem. Don’t want someone to be notified when you check their profile? Use the incognitofeature. Also, you can also no longer send or receive open, unsolicited messages. You need to give OkCupid a go-ahead if you get a notification that someone is trying to text you. OkCupid is pretty tech savvy, and ensures that whatever their customers need both in terms of finding matches or staying secure is taken care of. It’s aimed at promoting serious dating.


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An Intelligent App for Intelligent People

Since OkCupid asks tons of questions before profiling you and showing you potential matches, you can literally find tons of matches if you put some thought into your profile. Recently, a UCLA based math major tried to bring his own tech angle while using this app. He understood how sophisticated this app is, and also the fact that it has a high user base. He simply did a little research and understood what are the things that mattered to the women he liked the most. He answered his questions accordingly, and soon enough he had a lot of ‘likes’ on his profile.

The point is to give a conscious thought to what matters to the kind of people you would like to get matched too, and then honestly answer those questions in the best way possible.

The A-List

Every dating app has a free segment, and a paid one which is typically aimed at more serious daters. OkCupid has three! It has two premium features, known as A-List and A-List Premium. They offer benefits such as getting a list of people who have liked you, browsing incognito whilst still seeing who is visiting your profile, getting a larger mailbox for storing extra messages, receiving a notification if your texts have been read or not. The A-List Premium offers certain additional features like getting your message to the top of someone’s mail box in order to meet their eye immediately, and boosting your profile once a day so that you appear on the top of the page.

The ‘Read’ feature in messaging


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The Final Word

OkCupid is an extremely tech-savvy, edgy, and intuitively designed app. What makes it stand out is the use of atypical indicators such as your psychographics, instead of just demographics, to find a profile for you. It’s very easy to find the same demographic and match you, but what really matters is how you think about things and life in general, and OkCupid scores brownie points there. It has one of the largest user bases, making it much easier to find meaningful dates. If you haven’t tried it out yet, let us tell you that a partner may be just one like away!

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