We know about the evolving technology in the field of transportation. If you know about the GOOGLE CAR then you know technology, but that doesn’t mean you know everything. If you know can you say how a GOOGLE CAR looks to drive.



 google car IMAGE BY MONISH


Here is the solution, The car has some sensors and camera in which they hear and see the surrounding then immediately they analyze and identify the other vehicles on road.The stunning thing about this is that  they even follow traffic rules and there is a contact between the signal pole and other upcoming car when the car is in danger it will automatically stop the and release the air bag.



google car by monish


When there is Technology used there is a information will be interesting in this case the Google CAR uses 1gb per second and deletes it after the destination is reached. And have you see the technical  image of a left turn by these types of car.


monish google car