Do you dream of becoming an international bestseller?

Tips to help you get your book published at home and abroad

Find an literary agent or publisher appropriate for your genre

Are you hoping to publish a book? Do you dream of book signing hardback copies of your international bestseller? Do you wish critical acclaim for your work? If so, and you have a completed novel, you should look at getting it published. You might use a literary agent. A literary agent is a middle person working between the author and the publishing firm. The advantage of using a literary agent is that they should have up-to-date knowledge of the literary market and have the necessary contacts in the publishing houses. Furthermore, a big plus for many authors is that a literacy agent usually manages legal contracts and marketing. You could liaise directly with publishing houses but, particularly in the English-speaking literary world, the use of agents is more commonplace. Either way, you should research and find a literary agent or publisher that specializes in your particular genre. Perhaps you have written a psychological thriller, a family saga, a historical novel or maybe a teen romance. Whatever the genre, it is advisable to find a literary agent or publishing company suitable for your particular book.

Make a pitch

Once you have an agent or publisher in mind, you can approach them with a letter or email of introduction. It is advisable to include a brief profile of yourself and why you think they particularly should be interested in publishing your work. It is a good idea to provide a synopsis of your book and a chapter or two. Moreover, you should ensure that the work you send has been carefully proofread to ensure it is free from error, with no spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes, making a good, professional first impression.

Find out about any translation rights

Do you want your book published abroad? Perhaps you already have had your book published but want a wider readership and are looking at publishing it abroad in a different language. As in the original country of publication, you can make a pitch to an agent or publisher. Literary agents are common in English-speaking countries but in some countries you might need to make your pitch directly to the publisher.  If you have already had the book published in the original language, you should firstly establish who holds the foreign rights and translation rights for your book. Translation rights are the rights to publish a book in another language other than the original language. Quite often the rights are with the literary agent, particularly in the UK or US, but could be with the publishing house.

Translate you pitch

Once you have sorted the issue of rights, you can start contacting agents or publisher overseas. Preferably you should write to a named contact to ensure your work gets to the right person straight away and is not filtered by the general office. When contacting overseas agents or publishers it is best to make your pitch in their native language. Agents and publishers are likely to get a lot of speculative mail and if you write in their mother tongue it makes it easier for them and means your correspondence is more likely to be read. It is a good idea to also get your author profile, synopsis and any other marketing material translated into the relevant language. It is best practice to have these professionally translated to ensure they are free from error. is an online translation agency with a network of linguists around the world and can provide translation in a vast number of language combinations, ensuring that all-important flawless translation. For any translation of your sample chapters, will assign a professional translator with experience in literary translation. More information about getting a translation of your covering letter, author profile, marketing materials and sample translations may be found at:

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