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On May 17, 2018
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There are many online logo making services or platforms but DesignEvo is different. Its quality, services and approaches towards client are friendly. Their customer support team will help you in every problem.

To make your identity and symbol unique and beautiful every business needs to be a logo. Not only online marketers, developers or big farm needs logo. It is a mandatory thing for all types of business irrespective of its service. If you have good knowledge on Photoshop or illustrator then you can design your own. But to design a logo requires lots of time and effort as you have to identify main point of interest and service offering and also color combination.


 If you don’t have a logo then without wasting time and money on hiring a logo developer you can visit DesignEvo logo development service. With more than 400 logo templates for all types of business and with different fonts and shapes, this platform is good to develop your identity, a Logo. Here in this content DesignEvo review you will know about its features, pricing, collection depends on which you can decide whether it will be a right choice. 


If you are looking for a logo then DesignEvo is a simple and effective platform to make logo. Without any knowledge of Photoshop and graphics you can design your own. It is free and here you can have largest online logo template. It has both free and paid version but on its free version it covers the most.

Features or advantages of DesignEvo


  • The interface and layout of this website is clean and simple.
  • It offers online logo building service on different fields like business, animal care, automobile, food, lifestyle, technology and much more.
  • It has more than 4000 professional logo design along with different font styles.
  • You will get support 24*7 from their support team.
  • Powerful editing tools that offers high resolution images.

As I have said above it is available both in free and paid version. Maximum features of DesignEvo are available on its free versions but to have high resolution of 5000×5000 px you need to go with its paid version. Details about its pricing are enlisted below.


DesignEvo Free

In this free service you can design a logo with minimum access to its logo templates. If you have done logo designing for free, resolution will be low and format will be in PNG along with background. 

DesignEvo Basic

With abstract design and with high resolution of 5000×5000 px offered in this basic plan. Image will be in PNG format with transparent background. You will get lifetime support for every products in this basic plan and with it you can even download and edit logo unlimited times. If you are looking for this plan you need to pay approx. 20 dollar for onetime.

DesignEvo Plus

In this plan you will have the same resolution as its basic plan. Here also you will get PNG images with transparent background. You will get lifetime support and images will be ready for print. Here in this plan too you can edit and download logo several times. Main feature of this plan is that you will get a copyright ownership on the logo you have developed. This plan is extraordinary with lots of additional feature which you can pick with a onetime payment of approx. 40 dollar.

They offers genuine and unique service so before choosing any plan and prices in DesignEvo you can download sample respect to its plans from below “Download Sample” button right below the plans and pricing.

Before going to pick any services there are many questions in mind which are FAQs. Below are some important and related FAQs answers.

  1. After you have purchase a Logo using from DesignEvo by a register account then you can download logo immediately and unlimited time.
  2. If you are facing any issues regarding product and quality then you can call to their support team for support and immediate refund.
  3. A purchased product can be downloaded and edited unlimited times.
  4. You will get your own copyright ownership of any logo purchased under DesignEvo PLUS plan.
  5. Image and color resolution is high.

How to create a Logo on DesignEvo?

The whole process of creating a logo is divided into 6 simple steps. Going through the steps one by one you can have your logo.


First of all choose template from its largest collection of templates on different genre. Click on the template.



Now you need to add icon or text in the image. It offers different types of icon and fonts for free which you can use to make logo abstract.


This step is the customization level where you need to use your creativity and also can take help from their support team for colors, shape, images, etc.


 After all types of editing and customization you logo is now ready for preview. Check here if it requires any further changes.


As you are a free customer, after you have previewed the logo you need to share your DesignEvo review a social network like Facebook. Remember, if you are a paid user then you needn’t to share it on social platform.


A good resolution logo with background in PNG format is ready to use. Download logo from DesignEvo.

Quality differs from plan to plan. If you are happy with minimum quality then go with free plan otherwise choose any from basic and plus plans.

Note: Here’s another cool online logo maker that you can try. They have a range of logo template to choose from and intuitive online tools.

If you want to know in details or to gather some practical knowledge on DesignEvo logo maker tools then on its homepage you will get a help video. Click here DesignEvo tools.

There are many online logo making services or platforms but DesignEvo is different. Its quality, services and approaches towards client are friendly. Their customer support team will help you in every problem. This is a new platform but within short span of time gained lots of users and followers. In this content DesignEvo review I have summarized here all its features, pricing and other related information regarding it. Hope, this review might help you all all to choose the best online logo maker. 😀

There are many online logo making services or platforms but DesignEvo is different. Its quality, services and approaches towards client are friendly. Their customer support team will help you in every problem.

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