Many of us may be knowing of controlling desktop using our smartphone, may be this feature is Manufacturer integrated in device but most of the devices like running on android and other operating systems don”t have this feature built-in. So, may be you have tried different apps on your phone to control your pc from your phone like Wi-Fi Mouse, Team Viewer, Air Display(iOS App) and many others available in respective apps market.

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But they have not much extended facility or may be having some limitations and so, we have a special app that may control your windows 8 pc excellently without any lag, known as “Windows 8 Controller”

So,basically this app works on 2 things:

Mobile WiFi and PC Server (Of course this one too on Wi-Fi)

This app supports Android and Windows Phone currently and with this Windows 8 controller app you may control your Windows 8 easily so now without wasting time, let us look at how to setup and configure it.

What things you need:

  • Wifi Enabled and Wifi Hotspot App on your Android Smartphone or Windows Smartphone.
  • Your PC/Laptop should have Wi-Fi enabled.

How to Setup:

  • Download Windows 8 Controller Server app for Windows 8 From Here
  • Download Windows 8 Controller App fromor Windows Phone Marketplace (There is PAID version which features unlocking many things which are locked in Free version of app)
  • Have an active WiFi connection and you”ve connected your Windows 8 PC and your Android phone to the same WiFi network
  • Or You may simply use your smartphones tethering (wifi hotspot) feature and then connect to your pc (This method works best)
  • Run Windows 8 Controller server app on your pc with Administrator Privilages
  • windows 8 controller free android
  • Start Windows 8 Controller app on your smartphone, follow tutorial and then tap on start to configure it over the server
  • Select Auto Connect as it will automatically find running server on windows 8 else you may try manual method also with providing local IP address showed in Server app
  • If all things go well, you will be connected and get successfully connected prompt on your server and smartphone app too
  • Now, as per shown in tutorial in app and also shown here, you may control your pc right now from your Mobile phone.

windows 8 controller server

You may set custom port in Server app and that should be done same for mobile app, you may see blank screen with 2 button shown at bottom and mouse sensitivity area with vertical volume controller too.

In this way, you may do same mouse gestures that are best fit for windows 8 including charms bar, active apps switching, and many more from this app”s user interface.

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You have limitations in Free app but you will get All features unlocked like:

  • Virtual Keyboard in app
  • Panic buttons
  • Most used apps shortcuts
  • and many more!

So, if you want to give a try for this, there is free app which will let you explore how this thing works.

Final Words:

Windows 8 Controller is best ever app created and successfully working and made specially for Windows 8 Operating System. It is lot easier to connect and controlling pc from your own smartphone.

Have you tried any app like this before ?

[Video Courtesy: Windows 8 Controller]


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