Computer Science Education Week 2013 Started! [Infographic]

“Everybody should learn how to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think.” – Steve Jobs

From today itself, CSEdWeek 2013 started and ending on 15th of december. Even if the computer programmer are interested and do participate in coding, programming things, other people should also have knowledge about coding as it teaches how to think and how to solve the problems in pragrammatic way.


As per news in this CSEdWeek 2013, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, and over 100 other partners, are joining forces to help every student in every school have the opportunity to try computer science. Simply, in this way everyone could get knowledge on coding on different languages. 1,490,861 people already have learned an HOUR of CODE and Anybody can learn.


There are many interactive puzzles that will lead you to think how to solve the current scene. In coming years, there will be more software engineers or computer programmers will be required as there will be plenty of jobs available. The mission of Computer Science Education Week 2013 is to promote computer science and make everyone to learn coding.  You may host an Hour of Code  at work or in your community to help them, also you may make a donation to support Computer Science Education Week.

Short Infographic Re-Created By us as link is not working:

CSEdWeek 2013
Get here to get involved in Coding and let us know what you think about Hour of Code?

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