When it comes to students aspiring to make a career in the medical field, the first obstruction to accomplish is the National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination shortly known as NEET. Each year the number of candidates appearing in the exam increases, and the question to crack the exam has become a lot more difficult.


NEET Exam is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) every year, for students who are aspiring to do a course in MBBS or BDS from a reputed medical college in India. The exam not only requires hard work and dedication, but also a right preparation strategy to clear it. A single mistake in the exam can be fatal for a candidate’s overall rank. But in the rush of this competitive world, students do some simple mistakes while preparing for the exam. Some common mistakes that students make while preparing for medical entrance exam are given in the points below.

  • Not Following a Timetable

One of the key strategies to prepare for medical entrance exam is by strictly following a timetable. Following a well-planned timetable can help aspirants to cover the entire exam syllabus.

  • Ignoring Exam Syllabus

The exam syllabus is one of the most important elements while preparing for an exam. Knowing the syllabus well helps students to be familiar with all the important topics and can prepare accordingly.

  • Avoiding difficult sections

Every student has the tendency to skip all the difficult topics of the exam. But in a competitive exam, missing a single mark can make a lot of change in a candidate's overall score. So candidates preparing for medical entrance exams must not ignore topics like DNA structure, nucleus, cell, genetics, etc.

  • Not making notes

Making notes while studying is one of the best ways to understand the concept. Students should make a habit of writing down all the important points and formulas in a copy. Making notes while learning also helps students to retain the information for a longer period of time.

  • Not practicing question papers

Solving sample papers and previous year question paper is a must for students who want to succeed in medical entrance exam like NEET. Practicing question papers also makes candidates familiar with the exam pattern, the marking scheme of the exam, the difficulty level of the paper and the question weightage. It also helps candidates in improving their accuracy and speed and develops their time management skills.

These were some of the common mistakes that students make while preparing for a medical entrance exam. Visit AIPMT Discussion and join the online discussion forum to get involved in the open discussion on various interesting NEET topics. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch interactive video lessons on various NEET topics.


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