When you are out on the open road, staying safe should always be your number one priority. In days gone by, this responsibility was left entirely to you and the other cars that occupy the road. As cars become more technologically advanced, it is now getting to stage where they are doing a lot of the hard work for you. And while there is still no substitute for safe driving, it can’t be a bad thing if your car is taking some of the weight off your shoulders! So, let’s take a look at some of the top car safety features in 2017.

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Automatic Parking

Possibly one of the most stressful parts of driving is trying to squeeze into a small space when other cars are whizzing around you. If your car has automatic parking, all you need to do is pull up to the car in front of the open spot and your car will do all of the hard work for you using cameras and radar. You may still need to switch gear and regulate the brake pedal but the actual twisting into the space is done for you.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The cruise control of today doesn’t just help you to maintain a certain speed – it now detects traffic patterns and slows down or speeds up accordingly. As well as setting the speed itself, you can also choose how much distance to leave from the car in front. This feature tends to be blended with collision warning or automatic braking. Remember, it is still no substitute for safe driving and you can easily take a defensive driving traffic school online to refresh your skills. However, it is still a good feature particularly for long journeys and stop-start commutes.

Lane Monitoring 

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 New lane monitoring systems use road markings to let you know if you are drifting out of your lane without your indicator being on. There will either be a sound, a flashing light or a vibration to warn you of what is happening. The top of the range systems will even help you out with corrective steering or braking. It tends to work best on big highways as it still struggles to pick up the markings on smaller roads.

Backup Camera

A huge number of accidents occur every year when people either crash into something or even run someone over backing up the car. Backup cameras are becoming fairly standardized these days, giving you a clear rear view picture of exactly what is behind you. Rules are now coming into place that require all new vehicles to have these cameras installed from next year onward.

Automatic Braking

We have already talked about this one briefly, but more manufacturers are installing automatic braking features that allow cars to detect an oncoming collision and slow or stop accordingly. While some only work at slower speeds, there are models that operate at highway speeds. Again, this seems like it is something that will be standardized in the not too distant future.

Let us know what you think about these and comment down if you know any other safety features apart from these. 😀