Manufacturer – Citroen ( French Company )

Production – 2006-present

Price – ‎£ 19,200.00 to £ 26,855.00

Designer- Donato Coco

Another outstanding model from the famous French manufacturer (Citroen ), Citroen C4 Picasso is nominated for car of the year 2014. The compact MPV i.e. Multi-purpose vehicles ready to get the title with its similar looking as that of earlier model but now with updated style. Here, we are going to provide you its review and going to discuss some of its specifications.

Earlier version :

The first version of C4 Picasso launched in November 2006 and the manufacturer keep on continuing it’s production until 2013.In November 2006, they launched seven seater while in January 2007, Five seater model came.

Current version :

Following the same basics and upgrading the style & size, Second version was launched in March 2013 at Geneva Motor Show.It has been built on PSA EMP2 platform (i.e. on a platform developed by PSA Peugeot Citroen for compact and medium size cars). Current version has more free space inside car with stronger boot capacity.

Overview of Specifications :

Transmissions :

Featured with manual Efficient Tronic Gearbox 6-speed (ETG6) and Engine of 2 Litre capacity. It has ability to switch in between manual and automatic.The car has air conditioned compartment for the gearbox at the place where normal manual level transmission is (i.e. between driver’s and passenger’s seat).

 Structure :

Citroen Grand C4_structure

Exterior – Conventional Design of a MPV with a pretty smart way.Exterior view is such a that it gives dynamism by looking from any angle.New signature features still maintaining the boldness of Picasso.Rear light clusters with their own twin level design,surrounded by beautiful day time running LEDs.

Interior- Beautifully trimmed interior and modular design with high definition luxury and space. The seven seater MPV has large vacant space inside providing large storage area.Sufficient space is provided to every passenger by the elongated wheel bases.

Safety :

Current generation of Grand C4 Picasso has six airbags by default with adjustable pressures with following distribution : two airbags on front,two lateral for passengers and two side curtain airbags for preventing head injuries. Active cruise control system senses when the vehicle in front of you slows down and then adjust your car speed according to it.The blind spot monitor activates if someone moves into an area where you can’t look by using mirrors.First generation of the car has got five stars for its saferty and this generation along with its unique features take it to the next level.

Environment friendly :

Earlier model has been awarded for next greencar 2013.Designed in such a way that it ill have minimum impact on environment.To achieve efficiency and economy, microhybrid technolgy is used by e-HDi &Blue HDi engine.When you operate the break paddle, the latest system allows engine to start or stop as per the action taken.Also,fuel consumption and CO2 emission is relatively less.

Citroen Grand C4 _Seaters

Special features :

Park Assist :

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso has provided advanced parking aid with this feature.It provides the car to park in any position ,at any angle in available space.Panaromic screen and signals inform you what is happening at every corner of car.When the parking space is available, car automatically guides you to park easily and also, helps in taking your car out of the parking area.

Lane Departure Warning system (LDWS) :

Grand C4 Picasso consists of miniature camera integrated into the base of the rear view mirror to monitor when white lines on the road have been crossed and sends vibrations through the driver’s seatbelt.That warns driver when the vehicle moves out of its lane.

Active Seat belts :

These seat belts get pretensed if a collision is anticipated.They vibrate when car accidently crosses white lines and alert alarms are activated.

Final Verdict :

It's already available in more than 7 models and with the unbeatable grace. With all these  features and other specs, what do you think whether the car will bang the current market or not?


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