Choosing the Best Laptops for Your Freelance Career

Whatever your line of work, you wouldn’t just buy job-necessary tools without making careful considerations and comparisons of the products available. Of course, you’d want to deliver the best quality of work that’s possible to your employer or clients. Doing so will benefit the both of you. For your part, it will increase your chances of growing your career or your business. The better you do your work, the better your chances of getting great feedback which can serve as a reliable recommendation for your future clients or employers. Plus, the current people you’re working with would likely entrust more responsibilities to you. Want to start a side hustle while working full-time? Read this.


So, if you’re a freelancer, choosing a good laptop is crucial since it’s one of the basic tools you need to have. You’ll actually do most of your work in this gadget. But how do you choose one?

What’s Your Freelance Career?

You need to answer this question first before you shop around for laptops because choosing one would largely depend on the kind of work you do. For example, if you’re looking to pursue an online teaching career, a laptop with high-resolution webcam is a must-have. If you’d like to offer video editing, graphic design, or publication lay outing services, you’d likely prefer a speedy laptop with at least 8 GB RAM and large storage capabilities.

It should be noted though that whatever your career, it’s always good to have a speedy laptop with large memory storage. Writers wouldn’t want to craft their articles in a laptop that’s constantly lagging, or if it would take forever for it to start or load data. Perhaps, you can even take a nap while waiting for your turtle laptop to load. A laptop like that would only irk you—you feel like screaming when the deadline’s looming and here’s your buggy laptop that won’t even cooperate. We deserve better than that for sure because it’s a tool we use to put food on our plate and pay the bills. Find out what freelance careers are in-demand:


Pay Attention Carefully to Specs

The salesmen you’d talk with would less likely care about the work you do, though not all of them are really like that. But most of them would just focus on their own job and that’s to sell their products to customers. That being said, you cannot simply rely on their words without doing a careful research on the specifications of the laptops you’re eyeing. And to help you out, there are various blogs and websites such as Orphan Laptops, dedicated mainly for providing reviews and buying guides about recent laptops in the market. Read lots of resources like these so you can compare specifications and prices of different laptops.

Also, choose a laptop that’s fit for your lifestyle. Would you like to be a digital nomad who takes work anywhere around the world where there’s a reliable internet connection? Choose a laptop that’s thin, lightweight, portable, and takes less space in the bag, yet it doesn’t compromise the size of display. Alright, we read what’s on your mind, and you’re right—a MacBook is probably an excellent choice for that.

And what basic specs should you watch for:

  • Choose somewhere between 12.5 to 15-inch if you prioritize portability.Larger screens are perfectly fine, but they’re best for home use only. Traveling with such a heavy laptop isn’t a good idea.
  • Intel Core i3, i5, or i7. If you wish to combine price and performance when it comes to selecting a laptop with a good CPU, any of these three would be good for your basic computer needs.
  • 8 GB RAM. Want a speedy laptop? Choose one with at least 8 GB RAM.
  • Solid State Drive (SSD). A laptop with SSD would be three times faster than a laptop with hard drive.
  • Battery life.Choose a laptop with over 10 hours of battery life if you wish to use it longer without the need to recharge it.
  • Check that keyboard and touchpad. Because truth is, there would always be those laptops with a buggy keyboard and touchpad. So, check these parts!

Choose the best laptop for your freelance career so you can always be on-the-go to meet your clients’ needs.

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