Celluon Magic Cube- Impressive Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

I think many of us watched pre-release videos of Samsung Galaxy S4 where some of the third party video makers shown use of laser projection keyboard working on Galaxy S4 and we all were thinking to get hands on that thing, and the answer is you may try it too on your smart devices! Celluon made Magic Cube Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard which is working on any Bluetooth compatible device.

 If you are bored of usual button and touch keyboards and want to try something new then you may try this virtual keyboards and mouse too from Celluon.

Celluon made few small gadgets but they are really impressive than other gadgets including Magic Cube(Virtual KB) and evoMouse(Virtual Mouse) but You may have keyboard and mouse functionality in only one gadget named “Magic Cube“. Magic Cube is small, portable, impressive device which can project virtual qwerty keyboard with 63 keys on any flat and opaque surface where you may type effortlessly with the help of this virtual keyboard.

celluon virtual keyboard

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You may use Magic Cube's mouse functionality like:

Using common mouse feature with Windows and MAC OS X. This device tracks natural movement of your finger like you using trackpad of a notebook pc. You may scroll, Zoom-in/out, Left Click/Right click too with easy movements. As per laptop's multi-touch gestures trackpad, multi-touch gestures are also supported on Magic Cube too.

Features of Magic Cube:

  • Magic Cube is small and portable where it can project virtual keyboard of size 100mm height and 240mm width.
  • It may recognise 350 characters/minute which is quite good recognition rate.
  • Laser projection is done by : Red Laser Diode (IEC Class 1 Laser).
  • You may connect this keyboard with any device which have bluetooth connectivity and it is simple to pair with those devices though including iOS4+, Android 4.0+, Windows XP+, MAC OS X, Blackberry 10 and Symbian S60v5+ Devices.

celluon bluetooth

  • You may use the mouse features of magic cube which may reduce your stress on your hands.
  • 1 Month Vendor Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

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celluon magic cube specs

Specifications of Magic Cube in short:

  • Battery & Capacity:Lithium-ion Polymer Battery, 660 mAH (MAX) @3.7V
  • Battery Operating Time: Approxiamate 120 Min
  • Battery Charging Time: Approxiamate 180 Min
  • Bluetooth v3.0(class2), HID Profile ver 1.0

Overall, we will say that this is a revolutionary accessory that can be used on your smart devices including smartphones, computers, and many more. It is nice gadget which can project virtual keyboard to use for an average of 150 min of continuous typing. With the Dual Mouse and Keyboard functionality,you may use it with replacing physical keyboard and mouse too.

Price of this impressive gadget: $169.99 and you may get this device from Celluon itself or you may try with different online shopping outlets including Amazon, eBay and Rediff Shopping.

[Images Courtesy: Celluon]

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