Carrosserie: What Are the 5 Benefits of a Paintless Dent Removal

There are countless ways your vehicle can be damaged, whether from an accident, a snowstorm or a neighbor’s clumsy kid. In all these scenarios, paintless dent removal is a fast and relatively cheap way to get a debosselage in order to fix certain type of dents you wish to get rid of. If you’ve never heard about this technique, read what’s next to learn everything you need to know about this process.

paintless dent removal

Differences Between Conventional Dent Removal and Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is probably the ideal way to eliminate small dings and scratches on a vehicle. By using a tool that is precise, the dent is pushed and pulled until the surface has regained the shape it should have. On the flip side, a dent fix consists in thumping the alloy and sanding the impacted spot. It entails filling gaps with putty. The damaged area must be sanded, primed and then painted after the procedure is complete. While conventional dent mend fills in scratches with paint or body filler–and often makes them show up as good as fresh – it will not actually fix the dent issue using a sustainable, long-lasting alternative. A paintless dent removal, however, requires sanding, and that’s it, no fillers or risks. Unfortunately, depending on the location of the dent, its depth and its width, a paintless dent removal may not necessarily be an option. That being said, when it is an option, there are many benefits that come with using this process. Here are the 5 main ones.

It Doesn’t Negatively Impact the Value of your Car

If you own a vintage or luxury car and need a dent repair, rest easy. Paintless dent removal will make any worries that you may have about maintaining the car’s unique look and value go away. While conventional repairs utilize paint and filler to repair areas affected by the accident, paintless dent removal employs technical instruments (and also smallish alterations) that don’t necessarily change the original appearance of the car. And you know what? The dent won’t ever come back if you’re not involved in another incident.

It Takes Less Time Than the Alternative

A paintless dent removal takes significantly less time than a traditional dent repair. Part of it is because less material is required and there are fewer steps to complete, but also because there’s 0 time wasted waiting for a paint job to dry or any material to settle. Where conventional fix can take as long as several weeks, paintless dent repairs are usually finished in one day, usually in a couple of hours.

It’s a Highly Cost-Effective Solution

Because a paintless dent removal takes so little time, it also has labor costs that are significantly lower than the ones that are common with traditional dent repair. There also no reason to concern yourself the cost of the usual inputs (auto paint, primer, filler, etc.) and that also contributes to lowering down the cost in a significant manner. It goes without saying, but let’s point out that cost is not the same depending on where is the dent and the extent of the issue.

It has a Smaller Carbon Footprint

On top of requiring less time, hassle and money, a paintless dent removal has no negative impact on the environment. Indeed, traditional dent removals use body filler and paint comprising compounds, which can cause harm. On the flip side, because paintless dent removals don’t need to use that kind of input at all, there is no side effect in the environment or on your own vehicle as well as your wallet.

It’s Well Perceived by Insurance Companies

Paintless dent removals also have the added benefits to be well perceived by insurance companies. Indeed, they tend to reimburse the price asked by the mechanic without doing much fuss about it. If it’s a first time for time, the car mechanic you’ll choose to deal with will explain to you everything there is to know about the procedure and the communication with your insurance about it.

In case you’ve noticed a little dent, ding or destroyed part on your vehicle, you may be the ideal candidate to get a paintless dent removal. Because untrained mechanics can actually cause far more hurt than good, it is critical to speak to your local automobile body mechanic center to have the opinion of a professional.

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