Can Diabetes be treated by Ayurvedic Principles?

It is a general misconception that diabetes treatment in Ayurveda is not effective. In reality, Ayurveda offers many benefits for someone who is suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, and therefore it is essential to understand how you can treat it by making significant lifestyle changes.


Ayurveda principles are based on the lifestyle choices that one makes throughout his or her life. Therefore Ayurveda promotes eating foods that are not hot in Prakriti. To balance all the elements of the body, two things must be taken into consideration: A healthy lifestyle and better food choices.

Many people think that there is no type 1 diabetes treatment in Ayurveda. However, they forget the fact that diabetes is a lifestyle-related disease, and it cannot be cured with drugs and medicines. It is the underlying reason that allopathy is still not able to find a cure for diabetes.

Can Diabetes Be Cured With Drugs and Allopathy Medicines?

The fact That diabetes is an autoimmune disease makes things complicated to understand. Therefore to understand the impact that allopathy medicines can have on diabetes, you first need to understand what an autoimmune disease is.

An autoimmune disease is a condition where your body organs produce more cells than required. Moreover, when we talk about diabetes, we generally forget that the reason for your health condition is that your body is not covering your food with energy. This whole trouble happens in the pancreas.

What allopathy medicines do is control the blood sugar. Injecting insulin is another solution that helps in the breakdown of foods into sugars. The body uses these sugars as the energy source. Therefore allopathy is not an effective treatment of diabetes. Ayurveda offers diabetes treatment that focuses on the repair of the pancreas and therefore, can provide you with a permanent solution.

Why Is Diabetes Treatment In Ayurveda So Effective?

Ayurveda is the science of life, and it is highly effective for lifestyle-related diseases. The fact that diabetes is a lifestyle-related health condition gives an advantage to Ayurvedic treatment. With carefully selected food choices and a clean, hygienic lifestyle will help you to treat your disease. Ayurveda is based on two principles related to daily life.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle Choices
  2. Better Dietary Habits

Eating foods that will get rid of the toxins from your body is the perfect way to treat diabetes. Moreover, when it comes to type 1 diabetes treatment in Ayurveda, detox becomes even more critical. Detoxification ensures that the body organs repair is initiated.

What Is The Role of Detoxification In Diabetes Treatment?

Detoxification is a process that eliminates harmful toxic fluids from your body. It is essential to get rid of these fluids frequently to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Doing this will help you recover the various body organs naturally.

It is the reason that Ayurveda is so effective. Ayurveda helps your pancreas to produce the required amount of insulin instead of feeding it artificial insulin. Here are the various benefits of detoxification that you can get.

  1. Detoxification will help you in organ repair
  2. It is vital to eliminate harmful toxins from your body.
  3. You will be able to control blood sugar levels.
  4. It will boost your metabolism rate.
  5. Gain advantage of healthy heart rate with detox.

Diabetes treatment in Ayurveda is also effective because it is based on natural remedies. Natural herbs and remedies do not have any side effects. Whereas, allopathy medicine is based on chemicals and other drugs. These drugs can provide you with more harm than benefit. Listen to your voice of reason and make better choices.

Are you still convinced that allopathy is better? Consider the chain of diseases that follows after taking allopathy medicines. You take medication for one problem, and then suddenly you will figure out a new health condition is appearing. Your doctor will advise you on more medicine, and the chain will grow.

Can Diabetes Cause Other Diseases?

Diabetes makes you extremely weak from the inside. It makes your body weak and vulnerable to many other health-related problems. Many diseases are caused by diabetes, and curing them becomes impossible because of diabetes. Here is a short list of diseases that are caused by the prevalence of diabetes.

  1. Cardiovascular Diseases
  2. Nerve Damage
  3. Eyes damage
  4. Chronic Kidney Disease
  5. Alzheimer's disease
  6. Depression
  7. Weight Loss

Diabetes is undoubtedly the underlying cause of many other diseases. Therefore addressing diabetes is extremely important. Use Ayurvedic remedies to repair the insulin-producing capacity of the pancreas.

How can Diabetes Treatment in Ayurveda be achieved?

Ayurveda offers many methods that will help in the treatment of diabetes naturally. These methods are the combination of remedies and lifestyle-related choices that will enhance the immunity of the body. Let's go through these solutions one by one.

  1. Turmeric Treatment For Diabetes

Turmeric is a wonderful spice that boosts your immunity and repairs your organs. Drinking turmeric powder will promote antifungal effects. Increasing turmeric intake will help you to balance the harmful toxins and reduce their adverse effects. Type 1 diabetes treatment in Ayurveda can be promoted with the impacts of turmeric-infused diet.

  1. Drink Water in a Copper tumbler

Drinking water from a copper tumbler is beneficial in maintaining the overall health of the body. Our body gets affected by the three Prakritis Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. Balancing these three Prakritis is essential. Drinking water from a copper tumbler will help in balancing the Prakritis.

Although diabetes is a very complicated disease, Ayurveda offers a viable solution. Maintain your overall health with the help of various treatments provided by Shuddhi Ayurveda.

If you are facing problems related to diabetes, then feel free to call our health experts. They will guide you for diabetes treatment in Ayurveda.

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