If you want to be a contender in the FPS gaming universe, you need a great aim. According to Bo Moore in PC Gamer, “Improving your FPS aim isn't just about skill. It's about establishing good shooter habits, breaking bad ones, learning how to practice, and paying attention to how you hold your mouse.”

Success depends on this, the quality of the game, your computer system, and the hardware you use. But, if you want to maximize your experience and fun, here are tips for bringing your play up a notch.

6 ways to improve your accuracy in FPS Games

  1. Practice always makes things better. Fps games require focused attention, and success depends on a mix of sense, muscle, and intellect. Only practice provides the repeated eye-hand coordination you need to do well. Repetition builds brain and muscle memory to make success come easier.
  2. Take the lead. Practice will improve your ability to read targets well and reduce your misreads. Some games are realistic enough you must lead the target. That is, if the target moves right, you want to aim just ahead of the movement. If that doesn’t work, you might reconsider your weapon of choice or how you use it. If, for instance, it has a recoil, it will change the impact point. 
  3. Shoot to kill. When you play, every shot should count. Firing wide and aimlessly does nothing. Every shot should be a clear one. Your shooting gives away your position, so they won’t see you so long as you hold fire until you have the shot that counts. 
  4. Know your computer. FPS games stutter and freeze on many computers. If you want to maximize performance on your PC, you must install the latest drivers and upgrade your graphics cards. Digital Trends recommends, “f possible, always close background programs in your operating system before starting a game.” This frees space, memory, and energy for gaming.
  5. Adjust the settings: FPS gamers should know they can adjust settings to customize their play. You can, for example, adjust the brightness. Everyone sees a little differently, so if the game world seems too dark, you can brighten it to your satisfaction. You can also change the graphic axis. You can set the X-axis to adjust the horizontal movement and/or the Y-axis to manage the vertical movements. 
  6. Optimize the mouse. If you are a serious FPS gamer, you the best wireless gaming mouse. Mouse sensor technology makes all the difference to your gaming. You need accuracy, sensitivity, and responsiveness. Pros recommend using a lighter mouse and larger mousepad. In any case, the mouse should fit your hand comfortably with controls located where you need them. 

Brining it up a notch

Writing in The New Yorker, Maria Konnikova said, “Control, compounded by a first-person perspective, may be the key to the first-person shooter’s enduring appeal.” She sees an increasing demand for the 3-D experience, the engagement, and variety in play. And, if play improves learning abilities and cognitive skills, so much the better.


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