So, Today's Article will be Focusing on Windows 8 Advanced Boot Options. We already know that Windows 8 is metro based OS which is Totally Different than Previous Versions of Windows while UEFI Boot works great with Windows 8 rather than Legacy BIOS.

Many of us some times need to enter in Safe Mode or have to change the settings like Disabling Signed Driver Check, We simply boot with pressing F8 Key but here on Windows 8 it is not easily accessible to Advanced Options because of some Simplicity and Security Reasons. So, We are sharing the simplest ways to get in Advanced Menu to get things done!

There are Many ways with which we can do this but We are sharing 2 Simple Ways that don't need any Program or external software to be installed.

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A)Windows 8 Settings

So, This is Not new Thing just many of us Don't access all the features of Windows 8 and Some of are afraid of getting PC crashed or something Wrong and Hence we Decided to give step by step tutorial on this.We already shown how to get in Advanced Menu with following GIF Tutorial.

windows 8 advanced boot options

In Short We will Say:

1)To begin, press [Windows]+C to access Charms bar and click Settings.

2)Select PC Settings, Get in General Tab.

3)Scroll Down for Option: “Advanced Startup”

4)After Clicking it Your PC Will be Rebooted and You Should Choose Following Options One by One:

  1. Troubleshoot
  2. Advanced Options
  3. Startup Settings
  4. Restart

win 8 advanced boot options

Then You will be Redirected to Different Options and You will have to Just Select them with Function Keys.


We all know that Msconfig Utility is Microsoft's Windows Operating System's Core Utility having BootRecords | Boot Startup Services and many Important Things. With Using this Utility, we may get into Safe Mode Directly.

 windows 8 msconfig

Steps to Do Are as Following :

1)Open “RUN” by Pressing [Windows]+R and Type “msconfig” and Hit Enter.

2)Get In Boot Tab and Select Minimal Option under Safe Boot by Checking Safe Boot Option.

3)Apply The Settings and OK then Restart to get in Safe Mode.


There is another 2 Methods working for getting in Safe mode on Windows 8 , One is Doing direct from Command Prompt and Second one Works same as above just it simplifies all the steps in Single Application. It's Not Recommended to Do Edit your BCD through Command Prompt as it may cause any Wrong thing with it causing Unbooting of Windows! So,Better to go with this way.

Final Conclusion:

Advanced Boot Options are Defaultly Disabled in Windows 8 OS by Microsoft but we may use them with these Methods.


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