big ben

Most of the SIM card today are made from plastic but recently reported the Chinese based manufacturer has producing a SIM card made from paper and now being exhibited at the Mobile World Congress 2013.

These Paper SIM cards made ​​of recycled paper was produced by Big Ben Technology of China. The materials paper used is recycled paper which incidentally would have been good for aour environment and support for Green Erath Cleaning.

Generally,The SIM card is made ​​from recycled paper is the same as the regular SIM card is made of plastic. However, since the SIM card is made ​​from paper that is more fragile and easily damaged than usual plastic SIM card, so the question is, how often do the SIM card that you will use later on related to it?
Hopefully the introduction of SIM cards from paper material is capable of creating more awareness of our surrounding natural environment.China Mobile has been using the paper SIM card, but apparently still not widely used so far.


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