Today each young and old enterprise has a web page. This is a visit card on the Web, which not only helps to spread data about a company but also stimulates profit increase. Web traffic is directly connected to the profit, but it is not enough. This is one of the many other elements, which contains your commercial success. How to increase website traffic and make it work for your profit?

Optimize your web ‘visit card' 

This is the very beginning. SEO optimization explains how to increase traffic to your website by writing special articles. There are a lot of companies like Eduzaurus , which provide writing services, or websites like Freelancer where you can hire skilled writers for optimizing your site. In order to check the productivity now, use services like Seoptimer, SEO-Analyzer, SEO Site Checkup and other. Keeping track on SEO analytic is crucial.

The key to progress

Most of the marketers realize that SEO is important, but don’t understand how it actually works. They compare received data with data that is considered to be successful, but not always gain the expected result. SEO optimization must not only get more traffic but also attract potential customers. The traffic can be profitable and neutral. The aim is to increase profitable traffic, which leads viewers to make further actions like purchase, order, or at least contacts the company back.

Key principles of optimization

Smart SEO is oriented to the “organic” results, this means results, which potential user is interested in. These are suggested links on various web pages. In contrast to paid pop ups and banners, organic SEO leads not only to traffic but also to a profit increase. Paid content is usually blocked by ad blockers or simply ignored which turns it into a waste of money. There are plenty of techniques which help to optimize the content and make it beneficial. The earlier you optimize your website, the more chances you gain to attract clients.

Keep it social

There are plenty of free advertising platforms, which are available through social networks. Don’t miss any possibility to post in an official group, to start a special deal, or to implement a social promotion. People check social networks every day. This is a fast way to stay connected with friends and interests and be on a track of actual events. This is also a chance for marketing your website. Hire a team or social representatives who will monitor everything that is going on online including posts, comments, re-posts, hashtags used and other.


The group on an FB is a second step (sometimes the first one) of every startup. Many people think that this is not important and skip the opportunity of free promotion, but each small company needs as much ads as possible. A social group will help potential clients to stay connected to new information in a field, new companies and various novelties, which are represented by your company. Facebook grant a feeling of a personal contact. This is a chance not only to encourage clients to buy your product or use your service but also to show that real people are working on creating new contacts every day.


This is the number one platform for all types of new bakeries, coffee shops, clothes store, decor stores, florists, and any other place where beautiful photos are possible. Posting every day is not enough. You have to create your own hashtag and encourage clients to post under it. The culture of hashtags is usually skipped. Today this is more than just a photo platform; this is a promotional platform which works as a magnet for new clients.


A professional blog is important for all types of IT startups. No matter what type of service or product you provide, there is always an opportunity to tell about recent research works or novelties in a field. In a blog, you have full freedom to express yourself with a text. Share ideas, plans or experience here. This is a best opportunity to attract nerds, who prefer to spend hours reading and analyzing information. An official blog helps to promote every type of business and increase traffic.


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