Best Places to find Free Fonts

Design and Typography is a match made in heaven. Whether it is a logo design, website design, or any other design, the role of typography cannot be denied in every design. So, when it comes to picking a font for your designs, don't settle for mediocre or over-used fonts. There are many sites from where you can get access to great fonts that too without dropping a dime. We narrowed down the list to the top 6 websites for finding free fonts.

  1. Font Freak

Font Freak is a reliable source if you are looking for fonts. This library features over 125,000 commercial fonts and more than 9000 free fonts. Site works with almost 400 designers to constantly grow their database of creative fonts. Another best feature of this site is majority of the fonts are optimized for desktop and mac version.

So you don't need to download fonts one at a time rather you have the option wherein you can easily download whole libraries of different designs.

  1.   Behance

Behance is best known as maintaining the world's largest creative community where designers showcase their best work in the form of online portfolios, share creative graphic designs with each other and much more. Though this platform is not exclusively for fonts but certainly offers a great number of free fonts. All you need to do is make a quick search on the platform and it shows you a list of fonts that you can easily download that too free of cost.

The site is easy to access and offers advanced filtering options, making search a breeze for the users. Another interesting thing about this site is, fonts featured here are unique and are less used  as compared to ones you find on other platforms.

  1. Font Space

Another popular platform for finding free fonts is font Space. The sit boasts off a massive collection of more than 32,000 free fonts available for download. These fonts have been supplied by over 2,000 designers and are neatly labeled and sorted into different categories.

The site is already home to over 746,000 members and offers a n overwhelming variety of free fonts for downloading. And if you become a registered member, you also have the option to create a personal favorite collection to enjoy an easy access to best fonts. Besides, creativity if you have a generous heart too then you can even contact the designers and donate few dollars for some font you loved. Explore this site today!

  1. Creative Market

Another reliable and popular source for finding free fonts is creative market. The site offers a massive collection of community-generated design assets. The site has a unique concept wherein they offer plenty of  free things referred as ‘free goods of the week' that includes free fonts, graphics, designs, and more. Interesting thing is, their fonts keep changing every week, and if you want to download fonts other than their featured ones then you need to pay for it. But you can download all the featured fonts without spending a penny.

In addition, site is home to over 23,000 designers who continually contribute to the platform and adds to the library of fonts. This site offers enough free stuff to keep visitors hooked and is a great place if you are looking for a fresh and unique font. If you are a graphic designer then you must know about these top 50 fonts that can help you make most out of your designs.

  1. 1001 Fonts

Generally it is said ‘name says it all'. But with this site I would say Don't get fooled by the name. On ‘ 1001 Fonts' you can find over 9,000 high-quality, free fonts that are easy to install. Besides, they have a dedicated section of fonts that are for commercial use only.

Site is easy to access and you can search fonts based on font style, category, size and even weight. If you like a particular font, you also have the option to donate something to the designer. And in case you are having second thoughts about a particular font, you can find plenty of reviews or comments by the users who have already used it. So, do take a glance prior to downloading any font.

  1. Google Fonts

This list will be incomplete without the mention of  Google Fonts in it. Yes, you are right all of the fonts available on this site are open source. You have the creative liberty to modify them as per your preference for personal projects or commercial use. If that was not good enough, the site also allows you to download a collection of fonts that you like as a group and saves your time from downloading each individually. All you need to do is just look through the available font options and click ‘add to collection' for the font you would like to download.

However, the only downfall with this site is that categories are not very neatly marked and you may have to spend some good time to search through many fonts to find one that works for you. But if you find the desired font, it is worth the effort.

Final Say

If you are a designer who is always hunting for fresh and innovative fonts then you must explore the stated sites. As we all know, designing is all about experimenting and trying something new. So be bold and try these top font sites that will help you stay on top of the designing game.

Happy Designing!


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