Best 9 Tools to Make Pendrive Bootable for Windows/Linux OS

Now-a-days We all do Installations or Formatting of Our Computers by DVD but what if your DVD got damaged or not working ? Then its time to move on Latest Trend technology i.e, Making your Pendrive Bootable for Installing or any other Purpose.

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Advantages of Making USB Bootable over DVD :

  • As Bootable USB Flash Drive is simple to Plug n play, No need to depend on DVD Writer/ reader now.
  • The Installation Operation speed is Much Better than Normal .ISO DVD
  • Easy to use!
  • Some of the Tools just make Pendrive Bootable while some of the tools make PenDrive bootable to Boot OS Directly(Live USB)!

Tools For Making Windows.ISO Bootable:

1)Microsoft USB/DVD Tool:

ms usb/dvd tool

This is simple GUI based Program Available from Microsoft.
Just Plug your Flash Drive and Select .ISO from list and Setup it by Onscreen instructions.

2)BootSage Tool:


This is another alternative to Above tool with some GUI changed and Improved than earlier.Currenly supports running all Windows operating systems starting with Windows XP.All versions of the Windows AIK are supported, as are Windows Vista/2008 and Windows 7 versions.



WinToBootic is great Tool available to make Bootable Pendrive of Windows OS (Windows Vista, 7 & 8) as it comes with Key Features such as:

  • Windows 7/8 Focused Boot Disk Maker
  • Make USB or HDD Bootable
  • Support ISO/DVD or Folder as Boot Disk Source

4)WinUSB Maker:

win USB maker

This tool is Quite Different than any other as it do more than just making a bootable Flash Drive. This is a special tool that will allow you to clone hard disk partition on your portable memory device like USB thumb drive or portable hard disk.

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Tools For Making Linux.ISO Bootable:


Unetbootin UBS maker

UNetbootin is Standalone Bootable USB maker and works on Windows,MAC OS X and Linux too. With UNetbootin you may make your Flash Drive bootable of Linux Distributions. It loads distributions either by downloading a ISO files for you, or by using an ISO file you've already downloaded.

2)Universal USB Installer:

universal USB Installer

UUI(Universal USB Installer) is a Live Linux USB Creator,making Bootable Linux Flash Drive with simple Steps of Clicks. This is Much Similar to UNetbootin in GUI and Also have option to download ISO too.

3)Linux Live USB Creator (LiLi):

lili usb maker

LiLi is Free and Open Source software and Main Feature is that it has a built-in virtualization feature that lets you run your Linux within Windows just out of the box even without making any Bootable or Live USB!

Multi-Purpose used for making Windows & Linux Bootable USB:


rufus usb maker

Rufus is Little In Size but do Great work as they are saying that Rufus is Twice as fast as Unetbootin and Universal USB installer.
Rufus can be used to make Windows or Linux Distributions Bootable in Pen-Drive.

2)YUMI(Your Universal Multiboot Installer):


YUMI is Different from Other Tools as it supports installing of more than one OS in Single USB Flash Drive.

Final Words:

Simply I will suggest to get Rufus if you want all in one and simple to boot Windows/Linux from USB and If you want something special about Linux Distributions go for LiLi or UNetbootin simply. While If you want to clone a complete OS partition then ‘WinUSB Maker' is the best choice.

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6 Responses

  1. trueblu8 says:

    Which tool is the best for making a multi-boot usb, Rufus, Yumi, Xboot, or EasyBCD?

      • trueblu8 says:

        Just used Yumi last night. Did the job pretty well. The only drawback I could say is that it took a little long to install Windows 7 onto the usb because it had to extract it from the iso first. I don’t know if you’ve tried it but WinSetup is also a very good tool that can be used to make multi-boot usb’s. It’s pretty fast and has a simple, but nice looking interface as well. I may try Xboot, or EasyBCD next.

  2. steve6375 says:

    Not the easiest, but the most versatile – easy2boot. Multiboot ISOs directly, UEFI boot, boot from images of other USB drives, multiple linux distros with persistence, Windows install ISOs, WindowsToGo installs, Hirens, OpenElec Live XBMC, etc. all from one single-partition USB drive.

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