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As a hard-core gamer, you will always have to look forward to a gaming tablet that can help you setup your gaming rig on it, as well offering you with some extra space for added tech. And when you think about a gaming desk look, I would like you to choose an L shaped gaming desk. Why an L shaped gaming table? Well, in this article today I am going to talk about the best L shaped gaming desk and why it can be really convenient as a fellow gamer.

There a variety of gaming tables that you can choose to buy from, some will offer you with transparent glass tablet for a cool look, a giant tablet if you have multiple 4K monitor’s setup or a simple L shaped gaming table that can offer you with the best setup for any rig you own which may be a giant rig or even a customized transparent glass L shaped gaming table. As a gamer you don’t want to keep banging your hands, elbow and legs in the edges of the table (Trust me, It hurts like HELL) while gaming intensely.

Fortunately, if you are one of those gamer who need to manage a lot of space with their gaming rig without compromising with the space in your room then an L shaped gaming table is definitely what you need. So, here I am going to talk about 3 of the best L shaped gaming table that can help you with managing your space with your gaming equipment’s without taking a lot of space in your room.

So without further delay, let us now have a look at few of the best L shaped gaming tablets and why they can be a great choice over your existing gaming table.

Why are L Shaped Gaming Table Better than Other Gaming Table?

First of all, let us talk about the space that you would need if you choose an L shaped gaming table. As for me, I have a L Shaped gaming table and I have easily setup my L shaped gaming table right in the corner of the room with consuming much space. I have to say, the L shaped gaming right I own is quite BIG but as it a L shaped one, I don’t have to think about where I how can I set it up as it can be set in the corner easily.

Now, as per the size of the gaming rig, be it a dual or a multiple 4K displays you can easily set it up on your table and still have enough space to setup more equipment’s.  AS the L shaped tablet has a natural curve you can set 2 monitors on the middle corner or 3 (24-32 inch) monitors with an L shaped table, which would be quite impossible on other tables.

And unlike any other gaming tables, you can even take the L shaped table apart and setup nay rig according to your need ( why not go crazy with even 4 32inch 4K monitors).

So, in this best L shaped gaming desk guide, let me suggest you with 3 different tables that you can choose from.

3 of the Best L Shaped Gaming Desk:

  1. HomCom 69:

homcom 69

First on the list is the HomCom 69 L shaped gaming that can be gamer’s first choice. This gaming table is excellent for low to mid usage gamers and comes with glass touch for the cool look that you always wanted.


  • Really simple to handle, organise and disorganise and made of high quality material.
  • Great for medium intense gamers as the table features a mixture of glass, steel and MDF materials.
  • A huge surface area of 69 inch which is enough for most modern gaming rigs.
  1. Z- Line Belaire:

Z- Line Belaire:

2nd on this list is the Z Line Belaire which is something that you want if you want the best looking L shaped gaming table. There is nothing to be said about this gaming desktop as it look as well as performs well. Don’t think that it can’t handle your intense gaming as the glass is reinforced glass.


  • Best looking L shaped gaming table within its price range.
  • Manage all the equipment’s within its huge space and even with a shelf spacing for showing off your gaming collection (well that’s what I would do :-P)
  1. HomCom 61 inch:

HomCom 61 inch

Last on the list is my favourite L shaped gaming tablet of them all. The HomCom 61inch.  is a perfect combination of elegant look, stable spacing as well as which comes at a reasonable price. This makes this table look as well as perform up to the mark for any gamers out there no matter how big your gaming rig is.


  • Appropriately large and really at affordable price.
  • One of the best L shaped gaming desk for many gaming rigs no matter their size.

So there you have it, these are the 3 different L shaped gaming tablets that you can choose form as well as why you would choose one right now. Save space, save money and save yourself the headache of going though many tables online.

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