Recently Google updated PR(Page Rank) for many blogs/websites where many of us got increase in PR while few got decrease in PR. PageRank is one of important SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) factor where it is useful to determine the reputation & content quality. Similarly, Domain Authority(DA) is also important where increasing your Domain Authority means increasing your chances of ranking higher in search engines.

While working on websites SEO, there are many factors included such as: Pagerank, Domain Authority(DA), MozTrust, Mozrank, etc. The Domain Authority is almost entirely dependant on the backlinks (dofollow) pointing to your site. Today, we are having great and well-explained infographic from Techtage SEO based blog made by Rohit Palit who worked thoroughly on DA factor and suggested most effective works to increase the domain authority.


Increasing Domain Authority

Courtesy of: TechTage


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