Hello guy's and girl's this is Aditya Fattepurkar my first post here. I'm going to start a new series of articles called app of the week. Our team will handpick some of the Android/Windows/iOS Applications every week and review them in detail.

This week we had hands on with one of it's kind of app called Cymera. It's replacement for stock camera app which comes with Stock Android.So far my experience with this app is outstanding.We had tried to click pictures under dark light sunlight and the result was pretty good when compared to stock camera app.

UI And Modes

cymera UI

UI stands for user interface. App has awesome UI which can be used by any person even a ungeeky person will find it smooth and easier. Some of the most used features are given in side bars. Intersting feature i found in this app is different mode's which control the shutter button.

One is Timer which you all will know I hope so. Second one is Touch Shoots this is very good and awesome feature in this app. It makes your full screen as shutter it's a very very helpfull feature for Samsung's Galaxies as they don't have shutter button. Third one is Anti Shake it's simple and also can be found on many camera apps. Fourth is Normal mode in which there is shutter button like any other camera app.

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cymera filters

Again an awesome feature that comes in this app is live filters which can be applied while you take pictures and also after shoot mode [Like Instagram*] I loved this section of Cymera it's just out standing please give it a try. Firstly there is live filters which can be applied while you are capturing a picture. First one is basic which is simple and don't have any filter.Second one is Action 4 it captures 4 pics and mix them in one[Arranged in squares].Third one is Super 4 it do the same but formatted in horizontal position and fourth one is Pop 4 again this does same take 4 pics and mix them in one add some B/W filter.

Fifth is Double which applies B/W filter and captures two photos and mix them in one. Sixth is Fisheye this one is awesome and can be seen in many apps give it a try and finally last one is Sprocket its just like filmstrip type filter and captures only one image.


cymera features

As title goes editing on this app is too good and not so complicated and you can share your pictures to facebook and twitter directly. This section has many options to play with from brightness to contrast saturation etc.
This app automatically detects your face and can make your eye's big make a fake smile on your face. That's not all it has many stickers and funky filters which will make your pictures stand out of all. Must have app on android.

I rate 4.5/5 stars and Google Play Store rating is 4.4

Hope you like this article please leave your comments and suggest improvements as this is my first post 🙂


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