Ever got problems or feel lazy working through ADB on your android device? May be most of us are lazy and also not knowing how to execute particular work like if you want to install an app through adb then you will be needed to type “adb install” with full name of apk and many other things which seems simple but get complicated when we actually try them.

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android world multitool sysberto

So, here the new tool/application made knows as “Android World Multitool made by XDA Forum Member “youssef badr” and his team mates which works on Windows OS only. Android World Multitool is made because of necessity if doing simple jobs with ease GUI like you need to install new bootanimation of your device, rebooting to download or recovery mode, unrooting your phone. With the help of this tool, all these things including backing up or restoring your device are now easy to do.

Also it features some bonus features related to Samsung devices only such as rebooting and entering in download mode or accesing recovery menu. As per creator of tool, this tool is an initial release and many new things have to be added in upcoming future updates on Android World Multitool. Android World Multitool is having size of only 10-12 MB in total.

Basic Features:

  • Installing APK
  • Flashing New Bootanimations
  • Unrooting
  • Reboot to fastboot
  • Backup & Restore
  • Reboot
  • Reboot to Download or Recovery(Samsung Only)

Instructions :

  • You must install the tool at the root of the “C:/” partition(Windows Partition) else it won't work.
  • All options are working in state where you need to specify files which you want to install on your device.

For getting Android World Multitool on your windows, get here and please hit thanks for motivating the developer for adding more options to AWT.


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