Google already announced and also many of the devices got Android Device Manager(ADM) as update in Google+ settings where it is very useful security feature that allows you to remotely locate your device on a map or you may ring the device and remotely wipe the data too.


Android device manager(ADM) is released with v 1.0.2 on 11th Dec with size of about 1.7MB and compatible with android os v2.3+. With this app you may remotely locate your phone, reset your device's screen lock PIN and factory reset the device too. All this things are managed from your google account and registered number of devices on that ID. You may manage many other devices where you have sign-in to different devices.

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As a security feature Android Device Manager(ADM) is very useful to locate the device remotely from your device or from any other device to track it. In case your device got stolen, you may remotely wipe all the data stored on that device. Also with GPS tracking, you may track down your phone where it is!

App is available freely in Playstore here and if you want to track your android device from any other device like a pc than get here on Android Device Manager's web portal which is having same functionality of the app has.


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