We all know that Samsung Galaxy S4 Device is Really Awesome with the smart features integrated such as Air Motions | Air Gestures.Those who don”t have are searching for alternative or get any similiar Working App/Mod to that and Fortunately XDA Developer Williams.Joe (wifimouse.necta.us) made a App similar to that Air Accept Feature present in Samsung Galaxy S4.

air call accept android

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In Original Galaxy S4, This feature works on Infrared Sensor while this app works on simple Proximity Sensor. Currently All Android Smartphones comes with Proximity Sensor and so this App Features will make the Android Device much smarter than current!
As We saw, by moving our hands over Galaxy S4 Sensor Call is accepted and Speaker Gets ON default, Here we have 2 Applications currently as :
Lite(Free)Version and Full Version(Paid)

We just have to Install The App from Play Store and Use it as Like saw on Galaxy S4.This app is good and Useful when You are driving or want to Answer phone by default on Speaker. The App size is Just Small as of About 445k and it works on All versions of android including GingerBread,Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean Too!

Lite Version Includes only Answer calls Feature but if you want features like:

  • Reject calls 
  • Speaker on when answer call 
  • Send SMS when reject call

Then You will have to Purchase the app from Play Store itself for getting Full Featured app.

For Lite Version  And For Full Version 

Average Rating for Lite App: 4.3
Average Rating for Full App: 5.0

So, Give try for Free Version first and if you like it then Purchase Full Version for Full Upgrades!


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