We live in modern age, where everything or I shall say most of the things run on electricity and most important ones run on internet. But the main problem is that we need to pay bills for them, actually that’s not a problem but if you are one of those guys who is lazy, forgot to pay the bills and can see her mom in the form of a devil? If that’s how your situation is right now then let me tell you that I have got the perfect solution for you!

Since this is modern age so we are going to pay the bills in a modern way using online site named MobiKwik which is 100% safe and secure to use! Today we would be exploring this site to its roots and at the same time we will review their service too!



MobiKwik is an online web portal by which you can make online recharges or pay bills for your mobile phones, DTH connect or something else. The best thing about this website is that everything is done in a safe and secure manner online within few seconds so you don’t even need to go anywhere and waste time!

The moment you open MobiKwik you get quick options to recharge your mobile or pay your bills or even do some shopping!

All you need to do recharge is just to enter the phone number and the amount and carrier would be automatically selected by the website! If you don’t know the correct amount for which you should recharge your mobile phone then there is an option to browse tariff plans for every carrier. And I think that is all someone looks for while making a mobile recharge online!

MobiKwik Mobile App:

If you are not able to access the website or think doing that decreases your swag level then you can switch to MobiKwik’s mobile application! Surprised? Even I was when I first time heard that they have a mobile application too! The mobile app has the same interface like the website and is actually a 1:1 copy for the design of website.

All the payments made by the mobile app are safe and secured using HTTPS connection which means you don’t need to worry about your money and the whole thing will go in secure manner.


Now you might be thinking that there are lot of websites like MobiKwik which offer online recharge facility and why shall we do the mobile recharges from here?!  Hat is a question which arises in everyone’s mind but don’t worry as I will today tell you about all the advantages of using MobiKwik against other recharging sites!

  • Safe and secure: Since all the transactions which you make on MobiKwik are processed through an HTTP connection this means that you don’t need to worry about getting your password or the money stolen!
  • Quick and Easy: As I told you earlier, MobiKwik offers quick recharges by which you can directly enter the number, amount and your recharge is done! Also the interface is really easy to understand and use!
  • MobiKwik Wallet: Are you tired of entering your bank account details again and again while making recharges? Well this thing won’t be done again with MobiKwik as it offers a wallet feature which you can use to pay for future transactions! You just need to add some money in the wallet and enjoy it!


My final words are that it is time we should stop going to recharge shops for our airtel online recharge or any other recharges like your mobile recharges, tv cable services etc, just head to MobiKwik for doing it! Why? Because it is safe and easy! So go ahead and give it a try yourself!


  1. If I am not wrong then HTTP is actually not safe since it does not have data encryption while the information travels. I believe HTTPS is the safer option since it encrypts the data being sent out from host machine.
    I could be wrong though as I am not from a Computer background.


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