Have you read a lot recently about people who make their living working from home writing blog posts? Do you fancy having a crack at it and seeing if you could improve your life? Then you’ll want to pay close attention to all the steps listed on this page. There are lots of different ways you could get involved with the blogging world though, and so you don’t have to follow our advice to the letter. We are simply laying out an easy path you could follow. Some people choose to find work with a creative content marketing company to make things move a little more quickly. However, creating an original blog is the best way to earn your money.

Choose a blogging concept

First of all, you’ll have to decide on the theme of your blog. Are you going to write and publish articles about a niche subject? Would you prefer something a little more general that contains lots of global news? Once you can answer those questions, you will be in a better position to work out how you would like your blog to appear and function.

Get a professional blog design

You simply need to find a suitable web design firm if you want the best blog. Making one yourself using WordPress and other tools is okay for amateurs, but you need something a little more impressive. Just search online to find specialist companies that are capable of handling the job. Ask to see previous work and any testimonials to ensure your chosen professional has all the skills required.

Deal with SEO

SEO and blogging have an awesome relationship. There are so many websites around these days that it can be difficult to rank on Google for the subjects you might want to cover. However, using savvy techniques will help to ensure you stand the best chance of appearing on the first page. While you could use the services of an SEO expert, you can also complete the job yourself with a little research. Everything you need to know about SEO can be found online. Just do some reading.

Start publishing posts

You are now ready to start publishing posts to your blog. Remember, you want to create as many pages as possible, and so you will have to do a lot of writing. Just make sure the content is of a high standard. Tools like Grammarly and Hemingway can help to ensure you don’t make too many mistakes in the text.

Monetize your blog

The best way of earning money from your blog is to place code on there that allows Google to send banner ads. You will get paid based on the amount of impressions, and the amount of clicks those banners receive. So long as you can reach the stage where you are getting more than 1,000,000 views per week, you should earn a decent living.

Good luck with your blogging idea. There is no reason you shouldn’t become a successful writer and website owner in a few months if you follow that basic step by step guide. As we said at the start of this page, some people like to skip the queue by working for marketing companies. The decision is yours.


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