7 Killer Blogspot SEO Tips For Bloggers

Without a doubt, Blogspot is the most popular blogging platform. A lot of users have already tested this website, sharing their thoughts and content there. While some of them are keeping their blogs as private journals, others are seeking the community’s recognition. And for the purpose of becoming famous, bloggers tend to optimize their personal pages. We collected 7 decent and efficient blogger seo tips and tricks that will help you enlarge a number of your followers and increase attendance.

  1. Establish your brand


Promotion of a blog on Blogspot begins with the creation of a brand, and this, in turn, is possible after registering a domain name. The domain should not be long (up to 15 characters) and well readable – then it will be remembered. Recognizable graphics are also very important. Think carefully about the logo and favicon. Those last are necessary components in the promotion of the personal services. Look at the examples of favicon.ico of your competitors – they stand out well, do not they? The logo has to be no less memorable. It should be bright, but not provocative. It has to suit the design of your site and display the name of your brand.

  1. Decide on the content

All the seo tips for blogger revolve around your content.  Think about what you apprehend faster than others. Could this be programming? Do you know professional assignment writers for hire? Or can you cook deliciously? Share your knowledge in a definite niche.

Submit your articles in various forms. Let it be a note about the new movie trailer. Then make a list of similar films, or present your review on a film. Try to adhere to one topic and express your fair opinion, as that is what people value most.

  1. Become closer through social networks


How to promote your blog on social networks? Create your own community or page dedicated to the blog. Show that you are open to discussions and dialogues and share your interests. Many users wonder to see what their favorite author likes.

Social networks buttons on the blog are mandatory. Therefore, you enable a quick share, repost or tweet about your material and followers will guide other users to your page.

  1. Search Optimization


Of course, the better your site is optimized for Google – the higher it will occur in the results. You just need to follow certain rules: do not litter the blog with irrelevant links and describe the main theme of the page as broadly as possible, using synonyms, complex phrases. It is also important to remember that you optimize your blog not only for Google search engine, but also for your potential readers. People usually look through the first positions on the page, so you’d better be able to be there, when they’re looking for the content that you provide.

  1. Let them speak

If feedback is important for you, enable comments on your materials. Make it convenient to discuss your articles. In case the comments are negative, never be rude – so you will lose your readers. On the contrary, you have to find reasonable arguments and keep communicating with everyone who gives you a comment. The more people write back to you, the more you understand what they are interested in. It could definitely help you provide the right content for your target audience.

To write relevant and popular articles, you need to be on the trend of your niche and audience requests. To make this possible, become a member of public internet blogging communities. Leaving smart and useful reviews there you are sure to be noticed, and more users will express the desire to visit your page. Don’t forget to leave a link to the blog in the profile.

  1. Regular publication


We almost forgot this advice, but it is still the best effective method of seo techniques for websites. By regularly posting your content, you keep readers engaged. Set date and time when you are going to add a post. Maybe you need a 2-days interval between posts or more – decide on it considering the size of materials you present. But, don’t make followers wait too long: you may lose dozens of them just delaying a post.

  1. Optimize internally

The appropriate robots.txt is also very important in the internal optimization of Blogger. With the help of it, you can make directions to the search robot which pages of the blog you want to index and which do not. Go to the settings, then the search settings, click the edit button next to the “custom robots.txt file” and tick “Yes.”

Concluding, you need to know that the most popular search engine in the world – Google does not recommend adding your site to various catalogs, but advises to open a blog feed and necessarily integrate Google+ into your personal page. Improving your blog is not so difficult; you just need to devote your time and attention to find guidelines and follow certain rules. We hope these ones will be helpful for you!

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