6 Quickest Ways to Make Passive Income Online

For many people out there passive income sounds like a very appealing idea especially the freedom that it gives you along with the earnings. By choosing adequate passive income source you get invest your time according to your choice and also get paid for your investment. Although as attractive as the idea might sound, you may be totally clueless as to where to start. Today is the day of technology and with internet taking all over the world, you can find many passive income opportunities online. In this article we will discuss about the various ways in which you can make passive money online.

Online Gaming

Online games like casino and gambling is another eccentric way to earn passive money online. You can invest in an online casino game to earn some quick money online. Many online casino games lets you bet on real money and on winning you can pocket some quick cash. 1-casinoenligne.com has some online casino recommendations if you are looking for legit casino games.

Start a blog

It is a very simple way of making some passive money online. Start a blog with a decent niche that will gather the crowd for you and then monetize your blog. You can do so by incorporating ads. Ads are the easiest way to monetize your blog. Every time people visit your website and hit an ad marker or watch an ad you earn a few cents. You can also monetize your blog website with affiliate programs where high-end retailers pay you a certain percentage when you send them a customer their way through ad hosting.

Lead generation website

Creating a lead generation website will lend a few dimes in your pocket. Lead generation websites are basically sites who give referrals to many local businesses. Say your website is all about beauty and health where you educate people on the same and within the site you’ll insert links that will guide the users to beauty professionals. The health and beauty professionals will then pay you for this lead.

Affiliate Marketing

If you own a website it’s fantastic. All you have to do is include affiliate links on your site and when a person clicks on any of these affiliate links and proceed with purchasing a product or service you get paid a certain amount of commission.

Create an online course

Online courses are yet another useful source of passive income. All you need to do is create a value packed course that helps people with their problems and meets their needs and in return earn money for every package purchase. You can incorporate e-books, videos or emails as a part of the course syllabus. Users can sign up and purchase any of the courses to get access to the contents that they need and in return you get paid for these courses.

YouTube Videos

If you are a video blogger chances of your earning passive money is quite strong. Platforms like YouTube pays you for placing ads on your channel. Every time someone streams one your videos and watches an ad you get paid for that. Although the key to earning through YouTube is by building a large subscriber base. The more people view your video and the subsequent ad, the more you earn.


There are lots of passive income opportunities out there. With a little hard work at the beginning and a little strategic movement you can earn a lot of passive money online. All the ideas mentioned in this article are equally worthy and will help earn some passive money once you put some effort and wit to enjoy the payoffs.


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