6 App Development Tools You’ll Need in 2019

Are you planning on building an app in 2019? Here are some helpful app development tools you'll need in order to turn it into a success.

Nearly 40 percent of consumers said they sought out a company’s competitor after a bad mobile app experience. There is no denying just how important having a functional and engaging mobile app is. For most business owners, hiring professionals to handle the mobile app development process is essential.

If you are a mobile app developer, your top concern should be finding a way to produce programs that are both reliable and easy to use. The key to having success as an app developer is using the latest tools on the market. Using outdated app development tools may lead to you producing glitchy and unappealing applications for your customers.


Are you looking for more information on which app development tools you need to be using in 2019? If so, check out the list of helpful suggestions below.

  1. The Power of Android Studio

One of the first decisions you will have to make as an app developer is whether to build products for Android or iOS devices. While Apple still reigns supreme in the land of mobile apps, Android is definitely starting to close the gap. If you are interested in using the Android system to develop your mobile app creations, then using Android Studio is vital.

This app building platform provides you with all of the resources and tools you need to bring your idea to life. Most developers love this platform because it is constantly growing and expanding. The status bar in Android Studio helps you get off to the races in regards to app development.

If you are a newcomer to the world of app development, the simplicity and user-friendly design of the Android Studio is definitely what you need.

  1. Build Impeccable iOS Apps With the Help of Xcode

If you feel like the Android market just isn’t the right place for your mobile apps, then using the iOS market is a great idea. Having success on this platform is much easier when using tools like Xcode. The main goal of the team at Xcode is to provide developers with developments tools that allow them to create great looking programs that are highly-engaged.

This program features things like an advanced code completer, syntax highlighter, and intricate code folding tools. When errors are detected in the code you are constructing, a message bubble will appear to give you an alert. With these alerts, you can fix errors before they have a chance to affect your application in a negative way.

The Xcode system also allows developers to test UI and provides them with a graphics debugger to show them where changes need to be made. If you are tired of having to troubleshoot issues long after the app development process is completed, then using a program like Xcode is vital.

  1. Build and Deploy an App Quickly With BuildFire

The worst thing a newcomer to the world of app development can do is overcomplicate this creative process. While there are a number of highly-advanced tools on the market, inexperienced developers will need to avoid them until they are more confident in their skills. If you are looking for an App Builder that provides both functionality and ease of use, then BuildFire has you covered.

Their proprietary methodology helps them to both create and launch apps in a hurry. With their help, you can build a reliable app that is both functional and engaging. The team at BuildFire can also help you secure your app before deployment, which can reduce the headaches you have in the future.

  1. Make Cross-Platform Development a Reality With PhoneGap

Maximizing the exposure and potential profitability an app has is no easy task. In the past, the thought of cross-platform app development was enough to make even the most experienced app developers shudder. If you are looking to create a single app that works on multiple platforms, using PhoneGap is your best course of action.

Not only are the apps constructed on this platform compatible with all major devices, but they are also compatible with JavaScript and CSS3. When developing an app with PhoneGap, be sure to stick to the native elements of a smartphone.

These elements include things like the phone's camera or GPS system. The frameworks provided by PhoneGap are immensely flexible and help developers great high-quality apps.

  1. Appcelerator is One of the Best App Development Tools on the Market

If you are like most app developers, finding a way to speed up the process of building a new program is a top concern. Most developers are hesitant to increase the speed of development for fear of mistakes occurring. The best way to avoid these mistakes is by using a program like Appcelerator.

The main idea behind the Appcelerator program is providing developers with the ability to create programs with thin lines of code. This program works great with programming languages like PHP, Ruby, and Python. If you are tired of spending months on end developing native apps, then you should definitely give this program a try.

  1. Take Advantage of the GameMaker Program

Games are one of the most popular categories on both the Android and iOS market. Popular games like Candy Crush and even Angry Birds generate millions of downloads each year. If you are looking for a way to make cross-platform videogame making easier, then you may want to think about using the GameMaker program.

The intuitive interface provided by this program allows developers to monitor every phase of the game building process. Once the game is completed, you can easily deploy it on both iOS and Android app markets. If you are looking for a wide range of options and intuitive flexibility, you can’t afford to ignore GameMaker.

Research All of Tools At Your Disposal

Rushing through the selection of app development tools is a recipe for disaster. Weighing all of your options is the only way to figure out which tools can meet your needs.

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