5 Tips to importing a car from overseas


A vehicle is a valuable asset. It gives you the freedom to move from one place to another. You also do not need to rely on public means of transportation to be somewhere on time, among many other benefits.

I cannot forget to mention the freedom that comes with buying a car. Therefore, it reduces the chances of exhaustion when you have to use public vehicles to move or transport other things.

When you require buying your car, you can walk into a nearby car dealer; or you can choose to import it. The option of local purchasing is somehow stress-free; nonetheless, buying the same car can be a bit of a hustle, because of the numerous tasks that you should undertake to own it fully.

Our article today tries to explain some intricate tips to consider when buying a vehicle abroad.

  1. It should meet your country’s set regulations

Governments are in the process of ensuring that they do all they can to fight global warming, to protect the environment, and to reduce accident levels within their jurisdiction. That is the reason why the process is complicated for anyone who wishes to import an automobile.

Contact the government agency that deals with importation of cars. They will give you a list of all the vehicles that they do not allow into the state. If it does not comply, then it would be wise to change your mind on the car that you wish to buy.

  1. Understand the process first

As mentioned earlier, the process of purchasing the vehicle is hectic and long. People who are buying a new car are new to the process can get in contact with a con since they are not familiar with the whole process. Therefore, to avoid bad incidences, hire an agency to help you complete the process.

The agency should help you gather the necessary documents, pay to the dealer (who in this case is abroad), and to transport to the place of delivery.  You could also choose to educate yourself by relying on various government websites for trustworthy information.

  1. Obtain all the necessary documents

Once your vehicle arrives, the customs department will require that you provide all the records associated with the car, including those that you show to identify yourself as the vehicle’s owner. It is, therefore, up to you to gather all the documents before it even arrives.

Some of the crucial documents you should acquire are the bill of lading document-which most governments demand, a bill of sale, and foreign registration form. Note that you should also have the commercial invoice to hasten to clear at the customs desk.

  1. Clean the vehicle

Some people wish to import a car after visiting a country. For some, they choose to turn their cars into a storage facility. Well, from a professional view, you should avoid doing that. Take everything out, and if it is impossible, you will have to indicate the items within the car.

Otherwise, criminals can take advantage since you will not be there and steal everything inside it. Be sure to clean everything including the wheels. Some countries, such as the USA, do not allow cars with foreign soil to step into their territory.

  1. Consider price

If you choose to import the vehicle without an intermediary, then you can save some money in the process, since you are cutting charges incurred while hiring an intermediary. However, these people offer many benefits, which you should take advantage of them.

Additionally, you will have to consider other charges when buying a vehicle. For instance, the mode of delivery matters. Delivery by train, road, and air are expensive, with the airplane being the most costly. Therefore, consider affordable imports in Escondido.


Non-residents who want to import a vehicle should also counter check whether or not the government of that country allows one to use cars with an overseas registration plate. You should also find out the time limit for using that car.

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