5 Tips For Getting The Most Money When Selling Your Car

Any old fool can sell a car; it takes someone with a bit of nous and brains to sell a car and be happy with how much they receive for it. When it comes to selling your car, take the time to ensure that you have all the small details in order. This can be the difference between a low ball offer and getting your full asking price. Here are five tips to ensure you walk away with as much cash in your pocket as possible.

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Make it Shine

This should be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many car owners neglect to give their car a thorough clean before it comes to selling. We don’t just mean making sure the outside is free of dirt; we mean going into every inch of the car and make sure there’s not a trace of human life in there. This isn’t difficult; it just takes some time. Grab a hoover and don’t forget to get those hidden away spots. Even the storage space of your vehicle should be spotless!

Top Quality Photographs

Between an ad that has professional photos and an ad that has photos taken quickly with a smartphone, the former will always receive the higher bids. Selling is all about perception, and that’s no different when it comes to selling a car. Wait until it’s a nice and sunny day, position the car just right, and make sure you’re taking the photos with a good camera (and that you know how to use it). There are many people selling their cars. You want yours to stand out in any way you can.

A Dazzling Description

Yes, it can a bit annoying finding the time to sit down and write a car description, but it’s essential if you’re trying to bring in top dollar. You know your car inside out, so put it all down on paper. Emphasize its safety features and other qualities. Also, be honest. No one’s going to be fooled if you sound like a salesman and only list the good attributes; if there are issues, list them in the description. The potential buyer will find them out eventually anyway. If you’ve not got a way with words, ask or hire someone who has to write the listing for you.

Source: Pexels.com

Going the Extra Mile

Sometimes, the things that put a person off buying a car can be small. For example, a person might be interested in buying your car but live far away; instead of letting deals like that pass you by, be proactive and offer to ship the vehicle to the buyer through a service like Shiply. Knowing that they’re dealing with someone who takes care of such logistical issues might be all they need to make an offer. And talking of offers…

Play the Game

Before selling your vehicle, it’ll be worth brushing up on your negotiation skills. Everyone who makes an offer will low ball you; it’s your job to get them back up close to your original evaluation. Remember to stay strong, and don’t give in just because you want the sale!

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