5 Things to look for when buying new spark plug


A spark plug is a device that emits electrical current that creates ignition for the combustion of fuel needed to start your vehicle. A spark plug is an important device because, without it, you can’t start your car nor can it move anywhere. Also, it is important for your car's efficiency. With a healthy one, a maximum power is sustainable by your ride, whereas an unhealthy one may have issues like not starting the engine when it is cold. The following tips will enlighten you on what spark plugs to buy.

  • Manufacturer: Car parts are made differently by different motor companies, therefore, before making a purchase it is important to talk to your car's manufacturer for a recommendation. If they have a dealer around you then you should visit, but you may consider the distance, at this point you need to ask them exactly what you need to buy to have your plug replaced. Also, you can take a look at our car's owner's manual and determine the plug you need to buy
  • A good mechanic: Mechanics have more knowledge in repairing and maintenance of cars. Therefore, if you are not sure which spark plug to buy, talking to a good mechanic is the best option. By looking at your engine and your current set up they will determine the kind of spark plug that best suits you. At this point, they can give you on which one you should choose.
  • Spark plugs numbers: Spark plugs have numbers on them hence you need to look for spark plugs with numbers on them as this makes the replacement process much easier. Spark plugs are attached to wires known as spark plug wires. They are of different lengths and they have numbers on them too. These numbers help you locate where to attach them. If the numbers are not visible or probably not there, you need to lay the wires and compare their lengths so as to see where each fit. It is necessary to attach them in the correct order as this helps you to write down numbers on the old wires before you begin replacing them.
  • Quality: You need to know the material used in making the plug. This helps you know its durability and efficiency, and this defines its quality. The better the material the higher the quality.
  • The number of cylinders your car has Different cars have different number cylinders, therefore depending on your car's cylinders, you should buy the same number of spark plugs. You can count the plugs that are already in place or you can confirm with the manufacturer. If you are not sure of the number, it’s advisable to buy many of them. Buying more won't hurt like buying too few.

Even if you are a new car owner replacing a spark plug is simple. The most difficult part of this process is purchasing the best one. The rest is easy.

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