5 Things to Look For in a Winchmore Day Nursery

Let’s be honest. The thought of leaving your little one with anyone else that isn't you is pretty scary, right? It is common to feel this way. That's why the decision to look for someone to take care of your child as you perform your daily duties is one that should not be taken lightly. Cue day nurseries!

Winchmore Day Nursery

Choosing a day nursery for your child is a very important step that will impact the development of your little one. Without the right information, it may be very hard and even overwhelming to identify a place where your child will get all they need in your absence.

With this in mind, you need to be analytical and extra vigilant when picking out a day nursery. While there are numerous options in Winchmore, the aim is to pick one that will stand out in every aspect. There are so many things to consider when looking for a nursery; will your child's needs be fully met? Does the nursery uphold high cleanliness and security measures? Here is a list of five important things you should look out for in a Winchmore day nursery:

  1. Safety and Security

The first thing you should look at is the safety and security protocol procedures that have been set up by the nursery Winchmore Hill staff. Is the building and its surroundings safe and in good order? There should be clear safety procedures for any incidences that might occur during child care hours. Check and confirm that the nursery has made security a high priority such that the children can’t leave the building without anyone noticing. Outsiders should also not be able to get into the building without having a valid reason and following proper procedures that enable accountability. In short, exit and entry should be strictly monitored.

  1. Environment and Staff Interaction

When looking for a potential day nursery, ensure that you pay attention to how the staff interacts with the little ones. The caregiver will be an important part of your child's life and so should be able to provide a loving and kind environment that will foster positive growth. The caregiver should be able to get to eye level with the little one and provide interactive relationships that the child needs. Ask about the child to caregiver ratio as well.  

  1. Cleanliness and Health Precautions

Now, as much as you have to leave your child in a new environment under someone else’s care, you don’t want them to come home with all manner of germs and diseases. Cleanliness should be highly prioritized by the nursery. The corridors, floors and the kitchen should be exceptionally clean. You should not see any rubbish bins in site and the nursery has to have proper ventilation as well as suitably heated. The caregivers should lead by example and teach the children how to uphold the cleaning standards. They should be aware of the importance of personal hygiene especially after assisting the child in the toilet.

  1. Professional and Qualified Staff

The caregivers at the nursery need to have proper qualifications for their job roles. Everyone from the director to the teachers should have adequate training in child development and coming up with age-appropriate curriculums. Ask about lesson plans and your child's daily routine and schedule. You should be fully aware of what your child will be learning and the goal of these lessons. What does the nursery have planned for free-play and co-curricular activities? You should be able to get regular updates on your little one's progress as time goes by.

  1. Adequately Staffed

The nursery should be adequately staffed to ensure that each child receives the highest level of dedication and care. The ratios should make sense as this also acts as a safety precaution. The staff should be trained to handle the recommended number of children under their care without compromising on attention and safety of each child. In nurseries where the staff to child ratios isn’t adhered, accidents and security discrepancies are the order of the day. Remember, your child’s safety is paramount. You should not compromise on this no matter how good the price tag looks.

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