Blog posts are slowly becoming the most common form communication and journal writing in the twenty first century, replacing the traditional technique of writing in a diary or a physical journey. Moreover, blog posts are a form of communication that allows the author to announce publicly his or her issues, or dilemmas, or even queries about topics. Thus giving them a voice which, instead of the typical a “Dear diary, today l…” they are able to take some psychological benefits too. However, in terms of posting blogs, how does one carry out a perfectly search engine optimized blog post? Well here is your answer. This article is going to guide you through 5 sure methods to create a perfectly executed SEO blog post.


Know Your Stuff!

The time you spend generating an article which is implemented with naturally occurring keywords, you should probably get to know what effect these words will have on search engines. To do this, play around with a search engine, the most common one would be Google, and see what words people are putting into their searches. For example, the Google keyword rankings illustrate the most commonly searched word is weather, which is searched over 45 million times per month. The keywords at the top of the rankings are the typical application associated words, such as maps, translate and news which are all products of Google themselves. Once you have figured out what is popular and what is not so popular, you can then determine your competition. This will allow you to carry out the second method, the placing of the keyword into your blog post.

Keyword Stuffing or Modesty?

There has always been a debate between these two when it comes to SEO articles and blogging. Keyword stuffing will help you get higher up in the rankings and thus enabling you to compete with the higher ranked sites, but it will also diminish the coherency and quality if your writing. Instead, it would be recommended to use about 5% of your word count in the post in order to maintain the quality of the writing, but also to increase likely traffic that may be generated. To do this effectively, put the keyword in the title, the subheadings, or some of the subheadings, and a few times throughout the prose. Also be sure to put your focus on content grammar typos and for correcting them use Grammarly tool which is a perfect tool to find out spelling mistakes, grab the 40% off in Grammarly Black Friday.

Be Relevant!

You may use your blog for a specific genre, or you may experiment by writing about a variety of niches and topics, but the key is to find something people care about and to write about something that makes them excited and to feel the want to read on. Whether it is travel you are writing about or sport, this is the key to writing an optimized, SEO blog post. For example, if you are writing about football, instead of writing about the typical win that your team achieved, write about a specific play you made, or emphasis a hit you made, these are far more interesting to write. This will then lead to implementing key words such as anig mg or aDdestroy’ which are the common terms people search for when looking for content about football, especially people from outside of America as this is what they will associate football with.


Peer Marking

To lead from the first tip, peer marking can be an extremely effective way to optimize your blog and potentially make your paper writing service something of significance. After you have implemented the keywords that will be generally as much as you can, the coherency of the work can be diminished. Therefore, allow your peer to read your post before you click send. He or she can then tell you if the writing flows and, if not, why not, nine times out of ten it will be the result of keyword stuffing.

Permalinks settings

Permalinks are the permanent URL’s that people use to search for your site or to link your site to their post, which is why you should optimize your permalink usage. Your permalink setting should specify your writing genre, such as https:I/inc.coml°/otravel%/%5bestplacestoeatinboston. Using this method is one sure way for people to find, not only your site but also, your post. There you have it! 5 simply but decisive methods to optimize your blog posts and generate an increased amount of traffic for your site. We hope this article has helped with your quest to decrease your internet anonymity.


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