5 Plagiarism Tools to Detect Duplicate Content

It's a truly an agonizing experience when you notice the articles you have written being abused by another person on a different website. It took you hours of hard work and research to create a unique article but another person treats your article as if it is his own. This matter is known as plagiarism and this is an increasing concern these days.

At times individuals don't make use of the whole article or content but take a section of it for posting it on the web. Sometimes they do some word shuffling with the original article to make it appear different. This trick does not just make big troubles for the SEO but challenges a website's authority. The good thing is there are now a number of available tools that can assist you to identify the identical content posted on any web site. Here are the five of them.

1. Copyscape

copyscape sysberto

This is the most widely used and trusted online plagiarism detector that was introduced by Indigo Stream Technologies, Ltd. in 2004. With the aid of this great tool, it's easy to find whether or not identical content is out there somewhere on the net. By pasting your text or URL of your unique content, It enables you to see a listing of the internet pages which contain identical content. You can certainly view the duplicate content being highlighted on a website discovered by Copyscape. Additionally, it provides banners that could be positioned on any website so that you can warn plagiarists from copying your content. It gives you 2 kinds of paid services, the Premium and Copysentry. Premium assists The internet publishers to confirm the uniqueness of the content they purchased while Copysentry assists them to keep watch of their web pages; it transmits notifications via email in the event new duplicates of the original content are discovered.

2. Virante

virante sysberto

Virante is another great tool for finding identical content that has been released by the end of 1990s. It is regarded as the single most extensive duplicate content verifying tool. It allows you to identify the duplicate content material so that you can identify any possible or existing identical content penalties. If you're a part of SEO sector or a webmaster then this tool can certainly assist you to stay clear of plagiarism in order to get massive organic traffic for developing your search engine ranking.

3. CopyGator

copygator sysberto

 It is a cost-free service that can help in checking your RSS feed. It could effortlessly detect plagiarism in the event of republication of one's original articles or writing by another person in the blogosphere. It gathers data from a couple of million website feeds and assesses every post so as to detect plagiarism. CopyGator supplies you with notifications whenever your post is replicated by somebody to a different feed. You can even see the overview page built by CopyGator where you could see where, when and how your articles have been duplicated or plagiarized.

4. Dupli Checker

dupli checker sysberto

An important feature of Dupli Checker is that it doesn't involve any registration for anyone to take advantage of its services. It permits visitors to test his / her content in a few clicks. It offers precise results from search engines like yahoo, MSN and Google.

5. Plagiarisma

plaigiarisma sysberto

This is a very helpful tool that is trusted for checking the dissertations, articles and research papers to avoid any plagiarism. This is an absolutely free service which enables you to safeguard yourself from being charged with plagiarism. Also, it is useful should you unintentionally publish research paper or an essay that is very similar to the work of somebody. The good thing with this tool is that it lets you scan the entire essay or research paper free of charge and with no limit for word count.


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