5 Games to try on your smartphone

Impact. Snake. Candy Crush. Because you looked at this article, maybe you’ve found yourself already bored with those simple side-scrolling, tile-matching, noncommittal puzzle games. But with the advent of ‘smarter’ smartphones, gameplay has improved tremendously. As mobile phones keep upgrading in specifications, hardwares, and software, upgrades and expansions on the types of games that we can play using them are bound to follow. We can now use the smartphone’s camera, GPS, gyroscope, and accelerometers to add excitement to our games.

That said, we handpicked five games for you to try out on your smartphones. These games maximize a few features of your smartphones, elevating your experience with mobile games to much higher tiers than Snake and Candy Crush could ever bring you.

Pokémon Go

This game brings to life the Pokémon games that several of us grew up with. Pokémon Go boasts of a very social experience utilizing your phone’s GPS: You, as a player, can bring your phone around your neighborhood and find Pokémon to catch! Gyms can be controlled by your selected team to gain dominance in a certain area. If you enjoy socializing and playing (and walking) with other people, all with the nostalgia of the Pokémon you know and love, then this game is perfect for you.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

As opposed to collaborating with others, perhaps you prefer a one-track-mind game. PUBG is a first-person shooter online multiplayer battle royale game, set in an island where one hundred people are bent on killing each other to be the last man standing. Players are scattered all over the map, and they can pick up weapons and armors along the way to build their arsenal and increase their chance at personal survival, and eventually, at winning.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP

For a more individualistic game, try out Superbrothers! It is not your average adventure game. With superb graphics and an enthralling art style, it’s your fits-in-your-pocket quick-fix of an escape, into a storyworld where you play as warrior monk to overcome challenges through battles and puzzles that progressively become more complex as the plot advances. The developers especially designed the parts of the storyworld to align with real-time moon phases, allowing the gameplay to tap into your real-life sched and making it a memorable game through and through.


If you enjoy more text-based games, Lifeline is surely worth checking out. It is an interactive, branching story where you are the only reachable line of communication for an astronaut who crash-landed on a foreign planet. The graphics are simple, like a text-messaging app, drawing your attention (and emotions!) to the story of survival you play the most essential role in. It’s life-or-death, and this game tests your decision-making, allowing you to experience the gravity of her situation. The main character responds in real-time, and that you have to wait for her responses in between tasks makes it chillingly realistic and thrilling.

Monument Valley

Puzzle games are among the most popular types of games on smartphones. However, Monument Valley would never bore any puzzle-enthusiast, with its simple, aesthetically-pleasing graphics, and its several complex levels. Overall, its challenge lies in having to push past what you know 3D to understand the workings of the game’s architecture, employing every inch of your phone’s touch screen trying to find hidden passages and leading her through the map.

Thrill and excitement has, quite literally, become easy to reach by the tips of our fingers thanks to the continuing evolution of smartphones and the internet. There is no more need to go out and buy a physical game consoles or cartridges, nor does one have to wait for it to be available in your region, as there are several mobiles games, bettingapps, and even educational materials on the off-chance you’re not interested in games, readily available for purchase or direct download to your smartphone.

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