Ireland is arguably one of the best travel destinations for tourist around the world. Everyone would want an experience of the bright green hills and enjoy the old Celtic tunes as you sip on a pint of ale. The country is loaded with tourist attractions and many to do things. Ireland is also easy to navigate since it is an English-speaking nation. The country has direct flights to Dublin from most Europe countries making it easy to access. However, if you are visiting the state for the first time, there are things you should know. Here are five facts you should know about Ireland before booking a holiday.


  1. Ireland is Quite Big. On a map, Ireland looks deceivingly small. You may think that you can see all the star attraction sites in one visit, but it is impossible. The scenic coastal roads that make up the Wild Atlantic Way is the world’s longest defined coastal touring route. The road displays Ireland’s most spectacular landscape, but it is unlikely that you will drive the entire 2,500 km route in one visit. The best travel tip is that you should not try to see everything in one trip. Pick a few selections and go slow.
  2. Unpredictable Weather. There is a reason why the country is so lush and green. It rains a lot in Ireland. You will not experience summer in June and early July. The weather conditions change very quickly. You should plan accordingly and pack some warm clothes even if it is summer. However, rain should not be an excuse of not visiting Ireland. The tourist attraction sites are not closed even when it is raining (although some are closed during the winter). In addition, it will not rain all day.
  3. Be Social. Ireland is full of friendly people who are happy to suggest things to do or offer information about their area. Do not be afraid to ask people for directions in case you are lost. Most people are happy to share their local knowledge. The people will even suggest the best place to have a good time.
  4. Daylight Lasts long in the summer. Similar to many cities in Canada, Ireland has long summer days. In June, the country will not get dark until after 10.00 pm, and when it gets dark, it does not last long. We need to sleep for at least eight hours for our bodies to function correctly. When on a summer vacation in Ireland it is easy to lose track of time. Be sure that children will get confused. They will accept that it is already past their bedtime.
  5. Compulsory Swim hats. You must wear a swimming cap every time you visit a swimming pool in Ireland. Even young children must wear a swimming cap. If you do not have or you forgot to pack one, most hotels have them available for purchase. The price is between 3-5 Euros per swim cap.

Now you are ready to visit Ireland. Book a visit with Ireland’s most reputable tour company, Go Irish Tours and experience the best that the country has to offer. 


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